What just happened?


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:eek: :eek: :mad: :mad: :eek:

Dh is gone out for the night.........Christmas party. DS1 was allowed back down after his bath to watch a movie. DS2 in bed. I was cleaning up the kitchen and next thing I new I had shoved the end of DS1 brown bread and ham sandwich into my mouth and I was swallowing it like there is no tomorrow. I immediately thought FECK FECK FECK why did I do that. Came in sat down at the computer feeling shocked and then ran into the downstairs loo and threw it back up. Am relieved it came back up - am shocked that I ate it in the first place and ashamed. My resolve and willpower are so firm and yet the lack of control I had scared me.

I have been on my own lost of times in the last two weeks and not a morsel has passed my lips that wasn;t a shake or soup or water and yet there I was shoving in the left overs.........I was concious that I shouldn;t be doing it. I didn't even chew it...............
Theres nothing for it... u will have to ban DH and DS1 and DS2 from ever eating again ;)

Seriously don't beat urself up about it.. put it behind you and forget about it.. maybe get them to throw away their own leftovers in future though.. or get a dog!!
Welcome to the boards!!
Just so you know it's so normal to do something like that, it's complete habit hun, you have been eating for 30 (odd!!) years so you can't just expect to stop doing it overnight.. just be aware it might happen & be ready for it the next time...
It's so hard when you have kids around to do a VLCD especially if you are SSing & not eating at all... sometimes the irony gets to me, I am there literally BEGGING Ella to eat a sandwich or something I would kill to eat!!!
Just posted to you on MM- keep up the good work hun you are doing so well,
Anna (Fairy*) XXX
Hun - it was out of habit - that's all. You'll just have to try to remember next time that you need to check your automated responses.

One of my clients text me the other day and 'confessed' she had eaten a raisin cos she'd just 'forgotten'.

It's easily done.

Please though, whatever happens, don't make yourself sick again. That is SO NOT the way forward!.

Now you need to drink lots of water over the next 24 hours or so and just try to check your hands if they start moving without your knowledge or consent.

Chin up, doll - you are totally normal.xxxxx
:rolleyes: Your brown bread blip has just confirmed that youre normal-welcome to minis-youre in good hands!x
Its really normal to just 'forget' I nearly do it all the time and its more luck than good judgement that I haven't!

Please please please don't make yourself sick again though that is a dangerous thing to start.

If you happen to eat again, just accept it, and move on immediately.

Big hugs to you

Hi Betty,

If someone asked me before I started this diet do I nibble I would of said, NO!

But I found out on this diet that so much of what we do is automatic we are not actually aware of it.

Put this behind you and look at it as a wake up call.

You have lost 18lbs. in two weeks and that shows how determined you are to stick with it.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Betty,

I will echo what everyone else has said and say...you are totally normal!!!!

You've had a brown bread moment......I had a wafer thin ham moment around my 2nd/3rd week!!!:eek: MandyB2 knows what I'm talking about.

It's done and doesn't cancel out the great weight loss so far.:)

Get thee behind me satan..............I am fine today. No longer panicing. I am getting to the TOTM so I am guessing it was because of that as well.

Have moved on and am back on track. Although my tummy is very puffy today and feel the size of a house !!!
Thanks for all the support.


Hi Betty,
You've had a brown bread moment......I had a wafer thin ham moment around my 2nd/3rd week!!!:eek: MandyB2 knows what I'm talking about.

Indeed I do know :eek::eek: We're all human and the habit's of a lifetime take a little while to change!!!!! So long as we keep trying then we will always be moving forward:)
You're doing brilliantly bettyboo.. put this small lapse behind you and carry on moving forward:D

love xxxxx:)