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What plan do you prefer?

I'm a veggie and only do green and it suits me down to the ground (2 hea and 2hebs). I've lost 18.5lbs in 7 weeks and although not the fastest loss, I'm really happy with it.
I'm a lover of carbs, but I find a red day fills me up better so I'm sticking to that at the mo, I didn't do too well on EE, I think it's because I missed having bread and cereal everyday and it sent me off the rails a bit!! xx
I prefer red & green to extra easy because I like having the extra hexs'.

I seem to lose more weight on red, but I couldn't stick to that all the time. I love my carbs :)


Now to maintain.....
on the whole i guess i prefer green as i like to have the two heb and hea and i am more of a carb lover!!
but i do love all 3 plans and use all 3.
I much prefer red and green to extra easy i love having the extra HEXs and not really liking veg i feel no pressure to stuff myself with food i dont like :)
I did red and green for about 3 weeks when I first started and just couldn't get my head round it so swapped to extra easy and love it. I never do anything else now but I may well if my losses stop happening mix it up with a bit of red/green action now I have my head round the plan.

I love the simplicity of EE as I can have Spag Bol and not worry about how much mince or spaghetti I am having...don't like quorn mince so I'd have to limit something in that meal if I had it on a red/green day...so long as I make sure my sauce is packed with superfree foods then I can just plate up with no cares.....that's me....a no care's kinda gal :)
Green is my favourite as I love pasta and potatoes and the 4 healthy extras.
Red days leave me hungry, although I throw the odd one into the mix.
I also like EE but only do it if I'm having something like Cottage/Shepherd's pie or spaghetti bolognaise for dinner.
Hi Everyone

Just started SW from home again and found this thread whilst deliberating whether to go down the EE route. Have done SW before but always seem to sabotage it when I reach the 12 stone mark. Just don't believe I can be slim again and start eating again to prove it! I thought that EE might ease me back in and I'm really pleased to see that it seems to be working for so many of you.

I'm really hoping that with the extra support I can get below that 12 stone mark this time.

Good to meet you all.



Trying again in 2012
I think all three plans are fab, but as a meat lover I tend to stick to red through the week (with the odd green thrown in) and EE at weekends (to allow for a hm curry / chilli and rice and more roasties and parsnips on my sunday dinner!!). I'd love to do EE all the time, but my brain doesn't feel controlled enough somehow!
I have lost almost all my weight by EE and I love it. I think it is such a NORMAL way to eat and therefore I am sticking to it! I think cause I love both my meats and starchies I wouldn't want to give either up! :)
I tried a week of each and a week of mixing and to be perfectly honest it made absolutely no difference to my losses!

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