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What should I do? Newbie


I'm in need of some advice cos I'm struggling here.

Its my first day of cd and this morning I had a choc mint shake, then since then I had 2 coffees and water - bit over 2 litres.

At around 3pm I made up a toffee and walnut shake with my shaker, was lumpy, couldnt stand the smell - smelt powdery. So I tipped it down the sink.

Now at around 5 I thought I'd try again cos I feel ill and need something in my stomach and tried a fruits of the forest and the same thing happened!

Not sure if I make up yet another shake, or what to do - feeling pretty crappy right now and water is making me feel worse.

Would love any advice? Are the shakes normally lumpy?
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Have you got a hand blender - i got mine from Tesco (under £5)? That's the best way of getting them pretty lump free?
I dont have a hand blender but maybe I need one, I'm a bit worried if this is what all shakes are like!?!
I dont know whats wrong with me, this mornings one was fine, but I feel quite yuck right now and hope I will be able to stomach the shakes as I really want CD to work for me


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I can't stand lumps in my shakes, so I have to use my electrical hand blender. However, I am lazy in the morning and don't want to stand out at lunch time (teachers love gossips so much :rolleyes::p), so I have 2 tretas a day. Then I keep my 2 sachets for the afternoon, after school (am a teacher, so it helps).

Personally, the 1st time, I could only stomach the chocolate/chocolate mint (sachets) as well as the spicy tomato. So I invested in the tetras and it was worth it. Your health can't afford to miss on these very precious calories.

Or if you don't mind people's questions, use an electrical handblender :D

Courage :D CD at least have plenty of flavours to choose from (one good thing to do is also to take a sample of each next time, and then you'll quickly have your favourite :D)

If you need more help, don't hesitate to PM me :)

chin up raquel.. perhaps if you tried a choc shake with warm water it wouldnt be quite so lumpy??.. I know a few people do that. x


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Oh? You don't need a blender for porridge? It is great news, cos I hate blending, I am sooooooo lazy :eek: I haven't tasted it yet, as I need to buy a microwaive first and I am saving for it :rolleyes:

There you see aussieraquel, no more lumps in your food now :D
Hiya have you tried mixing it to a paste like you do with cornflower then add a bit more water at a time it works for me but electrical blender is better. good luck
maria xx
My handblender broke and being a scrooge I decided not to buy a new one. I have the spicy tomato soup, tetras and porridge, as you don't need a blender for any of those... yum yum! xx
Definitely try some tetras, no blender needed as they are already made up ready to drink :)

I can't drink the sachet shakes without using a blender, the lumps are not nice! I use extra water in mine which makes them taste very nice and powdery :) xx
I think Tetras soup and porridge might be on the cards for me now.....I have wasted 2 shakes already, bit worried about trying another one :(

Thanks for the advice, I just started to panic as a was feeling nauseous and was worried thats how it was always going to be. Maybe I'm feeling nauseous cos I have only had one shake so far today, best get on to blending another one.
I was really nauseous when I tried the shakes.....I just couldn't stomach them.....at the moment I have a choc tetra split between cups of black coffee to make a tetra......good way of having a CD meal at work without everyone commenting...and a soup, normally chicken and mushroom with added black pepper.....and a mousse made out of a strawberry shake. The other thing I do is make sure I alternate mouthfulls of soup/mousse/coffee with water as I have found that this helps me.

Good luck........it will get better in a few days.


Peggy McParrot
have you tried the shakes hot, don't seem to be lumpy, and i add loads more water
No I might try a hot shake this morning. How does everyone make their soup? Going to my CDC to get some soups today.....I am just so happy that with as crappy I was feeling, I did not cave in and eat something I shouldnt have. I survived day 1!!


Team 1 all the way!
No I might try a hot shake this morning. How does everyone make their soup? Going to my CDC to get some soups today.....I am just so happy that with as crappy I was feeling, I did not cave in and eat something I shouldnt have. I survived day 1!!
Word of warning...I can't stomach the soup. So...you may not like them either.
I would def go get a blender and if you're going to your CDC, get some porridge and a choc tetra to try.
I was feeling so rough on Lipotrim (similar to this diet, but only shakes that were gross!), and swapping over the cambridge and having porridge saved me! Give it a try!
The best thing to do is to get 1 of everything and maybe buy an extra of something you do like, so that if you really hate something, you can throw it away and have the one you do like.
Hope that makes some sort of sense.
Don't worry as you WILL find something you do like. There's plenty to choose from!
Good luck!:D
Definately invest in a blender, I use it for everything apart from the soups. I had a hand blender but found it quite messy so went out and bought a blender/liquidiser and it make all the difference. The porridge is really yummy mixed with a blender. To make the soups (apart from the spicy tomato) boil the kettle wait for it to cool down a bit then add a little water to the powder and stir into a paste, then add the rest of the water a bit at a time. With the Spicy Tomato you have to add COLD water to start with and really mix it up well then add boiling water. I don't bother measuring water for the soup I just use a large mug and have it filled to the top. Hubby drinks about half of his then tops it up again to make it go further. When I make hot shakes, I make them with hot warm/hot tap water and the heat it up in the microwave. The only soups I don't like are Broccoli & Cheese, Mushroom and Oriental Chilli - the others are lovely. Good luck!

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