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What size...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
another what size, but the other thread got me thinking...

What size at 5'3" will I be at 10 stone / 140lbs?

I'm thinking a 12? is this right? I am a 14 at 11 and a half stone (157 lbs). Or was before children anyway. :)

Am slightly 'big' up top if you know what I mean ;) so don't suppose my top will match my bottom half - it doesn't generally.

Thanks all, just would like to aim for clothes sizes rather than just weight.
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Im 5ft 7'', and at 10st 7lbs Im a size 12....I am quite hippy and have broad shoulders, so Im not sure if you would maybe be a 14, being a few inches smaller than I??

Obviously every one is built differently, so there is no conclusive answer....you can just guess-timate....

Cat Bee x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hmm maybe.. I probably need to adjust my goal weight when I get there.. I want to mainly be in a healthy BMI.. but don't want to stick at a 14 really.. don't get me wrong I'd love to be a 14 again, it's 10 years since I was there, but it's not far away from the 16/18 I've been more recently. I'm still an 18 now (just) so really want to get lower if I can. :)

Would be nice not to look 'chunky' when riding ;)


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Haha, I hear you chick...:D

I havent been a size 12 for 10 years since i had my daughter, and I think your body changes a lot when you have a child, so I might be way off with my estimate...Id be happy with a size 14 to be honest, as long as I have the option to shop in any clothes shop and not just the ones that have my size....:(xx
My original goal was 150lb (11 stone) but I dropped it to 10stone so I could get my BMI in a healthy range! I am also 5ft 3, but a pear shape! I have lost weight all over now, finally into 16 comfy not tight at all yahooo, but will fit into 14/16 tops already:D

TBH I am not really 'aiming' for a certain size, I want to feel happy with my body shape and size! don;t get me wrong a size 12 would make me over the moon:D, but as I am a pear it really depends of the make and style of the jeans/trousers and this is what I need not to forget as this is when I start to feel fat:(

Serena A

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Hi Purple Hugs

I'm 5"2 and top heavy aswell. I'm currently 141 lbs and in a size 12 bottoms (some of which are getting loose-ish) and size 14ish top depending on the style e.g. buttoned shirts need to be larger! So I always measure my size by my bottom half as there's less variables.

Take a look in my profile photo album, I have some pics in there from just over 11stone (my Christmas ones) where I was in size 14 bottoms, might give you a rough idea.

Good luck xx


can see the end in sight!
i am interested in knowing this as well,

I'm 5'10, 18.5 stone, currently a 22 on bottom and a 20 on top. i want to get down to 12.5 stone to be within my healthy BMI but to be honest, i really just want to be a size 12. anyone with similar stats?? much appreciated x
hmm.. i've been thinking about this.. I'm at the moment 5ft 6, and bout 12 stone, I fit comfortably in to size 12 skinny jeans (primark..) and the size 14s are too big at topshop, but too small at size 12..

Just shows how different everyone is..

I'd love to fit comfortably in to a size 10.. ahh soon enough! :D

I think my point was.. I don't think any certain weight/height gives any idea of size..:confused:

I am 5ft 3inch and 145lbs - I am a 8-10 at top and a 10 at the bottom... but it all depends on where you hold your weight. I hold all of mine in my thighs and bum...I have lost my chest. I was a 36d and now a 34b..so it all depends.
Hello I am 5ft 3 and currently 10 stone 4... I would say I am size 11 as a 10 is a little on the tight side and 12 too big!
When I was 9stone 10 (years ago) I was between 8-10 so I would say you will probably be a 10 :) yay

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great responses all and Serena lovely photo's! :) If only I looked that great at 11 st i'd be happy! lol

I do hold around my belly mainly, obviously all over as well but my belly is the 'big' part of me in pics, apart from my bust.

when I was a 14 I was still a DD cup, but have gone up to an E or F depending where I buy.. so getting back to a DD would be nice. :)

If I bought a dress at a 14 i'd have to buy an 18 for the bust most of the time but hey-ho! lol

Thanks all for your stats, it has helped as I know now I should be in the region of a 10-12 in a healthy region.

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