What tastes best celebrity slim slim fast or biggest loser shakes?


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Hi I tried slim fast and it made my ibs worse celebe slim was great but couldn't work out dinners and snacks and I Havent tried biggest loser. I went to weight watchers but they have changed it too. I just want an easy plan eat this and that's it no more rafting about .I've 2disabled kids and I dont have enough time any more. But I did get a wii fit trying it tomorrow but can someone please tell me an easy diet ps I hate salads.
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I can recommend Slimming World. It's very easy to follow, doesn't leave you hungry or craving but does require food preperation. You can buy the books on Ebay and don't have to go to group if you don't have time with the kids. I don't go to group but have the books and follow along at home and use this forum for support and it's really helping. It's less of a "diet" and more a way of changing your relationship with food, it teaches you to make healthy choices. You can still have a bit of what you fancy too.


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Thanks but I need something fast ie the shakes is a good one but I don't know much about the biggest loser one thanks for helping though I'll look into it


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I think you're asking in the wrong forum. No-one here will use shakes as a way to lose weight as we're all too busy enjoying loads of scrummy foods like curries, pizza and full english breakfasts!

I understand you are desperate to lose weight fast but they really will not work unless you make permanent changes to your lifestyle. You may lose a few pounds but as soon as you start eating normally again you will put it all back on. And honestly I found SW to be just as fast as meal replacement diets, losing 7 stone in 11 months.