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What time of day do you see your cdc?


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I've asked my cdc to sponser me to do my cdc training and she said she'd be happy to (and added that I was only the 2nd person she'd said that to so that must bode well!!) and she'll get the forms for me for when I go and see her on monday!!

Hubby and I were talking last night - we wondered what time of day most people go and see their cdc? I work 2 shifts a week as a midwife, usually nights at the moment as that's easier with our toddler.. Because of the fact I work shifts, would you mind if you couldn't always see your cdc on the same day? Other than that I'd be fairly flexible and evenings would be great of course because of hubby being around to look after jocelyn.. I thought most people work 9-5 so I guessed most people would see their cdc in the evenings anyway?
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I work at home on a Thursday so I go in the morning then. My CDC does Monday and Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings.

When I did LL my leader did Saturday mornings so I went then. Saturdays were REALLY popular.


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MY CDC does tuesday and thursday ights, I work shifts, so I just need to know when my shifts are to work around them. I'm sure most people will be fairly flexible....


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tuesday nights for me, evenings are popular.


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i see my cdc at 1pm i dont work at the moment as im a carer for my son evenings wouldnt work for me tbh i personally prefer the same day each week but then again im just an awkward sod


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My CDC is a nurse and works different days in the week, so each week my wi is different. I don't mind :)
I see her in the evenings, between 6-7. Everyone is different though, I guess you would need to discuss it with your clients.

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I go every Thursday at 9.15am My CDC is flexible but then as far as I know she is retired so can see people most of the time.

well done you on becomming a CDC I would love too but I know nothing about the procedure or the total layout needed.
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I see my CDC every friday at 5.30. I like the same time and day each week...........creature of habit I am. Lots of people are not bothered either way though. Well done you on becoming a CDC. Good luck with itxxxxxxx


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I see my cdc on a Monday morning every week. I wouldn't mind if it was evenings or mornings just as long as it wasn't diferent time's of the day every week ie one week it was a morning slot and the second week weighed in the evening as I was always led to believe you should get weighed at the same time of the day due to weighing different. That may be an wives tale I'm not sure. Good luck with it xx


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Wow, it's really varied!!

Thankfully my hubby is also a nurse so he'd be able to take our daughter off somewhere while I see clients during the day if it's a day off for him!


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I'm just in the process of filling in my forms to become a CDC and have been thinking about the same thing!

Speaking to my CDC this week, her most popular times are either first thing in the morning or evenings. She doesn't work weekends though so I would think if she did, they would be the busiest times.

I think if you explain to your clients from day 1 what your hours are, they'll be flexible.


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My cdc offers Mon all day, Thurs and Sat mornings.
I go Mondays 9:30 but it is useful to have other options should something come up.


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My CDC does home visits only and is in my area Tues and Thurs all day and some Friday and Saturday mornings - I work shifts (also a midwife!) and it's great that she is so flexible. I love that I don't have to go anywhere at a regular time/day so no excuses to skip a WI!
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my weigh ins are on mondays at 3.15pm thats the only time my cdc could fit me in.and that suits me fine.i dont work either im a full time mum to two gorgeous lil boys x


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i go on a saturday morning at 9am and wouldnt change it....i would hate to weigh in on an evening...but then again, if you've always done it then fair enough, but i like that element of control!


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We used to do Thursday 10am but I started having a regular conference call at 10:30, and Mrs L took up aqua aerobics which is at the same time. So we switched to 1:30pm.


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mine changes all the time!!! i work shifts so always on a different day but usually at 11:30. i would hate to have evening weigh ins :(
I have asked mine if I can see her once every 4 weeks, because I am self-employed and we were struggling to find a time we could both make. We keep in touch by email & phone in-between. I've done Lighter Life before so feel confident enough with not having the 'counselling' aspect of it all. I also feel like I HAVE to stick to the diet for a long period of time, as I've paid for 4 weeks food and can't afford to go shopping for other food now!!!

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