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What time of day do you weigh yourself???

I'm not too sure on this...

Is it right that you should weigh yourself first thing in the morning, lacking in clothes, before you've eaten and after you've popped to the loo?? I've googled it and this was the most common answer... but just wondered what you lovely people do??

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Minimin Addict
I always weigh in the morning after going to the loo and before getting dressed :D When doing sw or ww i weighed in the evening at group, it doesn't matter when you weigh as long as its the same every week. x
I do the same, weigh first thing in nightclothes before my first cuppa and after the loo - I think it's consistent every time then, if you weigh in the evening it depends what you've eaten/drunk as to what the scales say!
Yup, same for me! First thing, butt naked after a tinkle! :)
First thing, after loo and neked ;)

I'm an afternoon weigher, only coz I weigh in at Boots so I do it on my lunch break or if I'm off work I do it after lunch coz that is normally when we head up town to take the boy to the park. Means I have to weigh myself clothed as well, coz they don't take kindly to you getting naked in Boots :rolleyes:

One thing that really annoys me about weigh in days (and I apologise in advance if this is tmi) is without fail an hour or two after weigh in I need a jolly good poo. I always think, why couldn't that have happened earlier, that must have been a good half pound :D


Les Mills Fitness Freak
first thing in the morning, naked and after i been to the toilet :) weight myself once a week
Dextermummy, you crack me up!!! It's not tmi because we all know it's true!!! lol!!!
Definitely first thing in the morning stark bol**ck naked!! Lol!! Think its the same for everyone!! :)
Haha well this thread has been VERY amusing!

Thanks everyone for the replies! I appreciate it lotsly! :D


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