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What time to start eatin

hi every1
I was just wondering what time people have their first meal of the day.
I find I am hungrier in the evening so I like to have my first meal about 2pm then dinner at 5/6, then my tea at 8 ish but I dont know if this is good for me.
Should I be eating earlier so my metabolism kicks in and i start burning off FAT earlier in the day????
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Hi its me again
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I only have my first one that late because I dont really fancy anything earlier. If I am having bars I do sometimes have about a third with my morning cuppa and then space out the remaining throughout the day with various cuppas. As i work evenings this suits me.


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I drink about a litre and half of water in the morning and have my first pack at lunch. I'm on a rota for lunch at work so it can be anything from 11.45 til 1.45pm. I have a busy job so dont think about food whilst there. As soon as i come in at 3.30 all i want to do is eat. I have a diet coke and more water then a shake when preparing the family meal. Try to get the third pack in about 8ish followed by an early night!


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Should I be eating earlier so my metabolism kicks in and i start burning off FAT earlier in the day????
Makes no difference. It takes longer than that to do anything for your metabolism.

Do what works well for you.


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Mollydog.... can we have diet coke?? Since being on CD I've laid off the diet sodas but sometimes would love a DC!!
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Bonzo I dont think you are supposed to have Diet Coke becuase of the citric acid. There is a sticky about it.

I used to drink 2 litres of Diet Coke a day before i started and i really miss it, so...
on a Saturday night as a treat, my hubby makes me some crisps from a vegetable soup pack and I have a can of coke zero.

Some say you sholudn't have coke zero either but its better than diet coke, as no citric acid and i dont see how one a week can hurt, some have one a day.

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