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What times do you eat?

I dont think it really matters as long as you're having all 3 packs a day.
Also having them so early means you might get hungry in the evening but if you're ok with having them as early as you do then that's fine :)

I have mine as late as possible, usually after 3-4pm.
12pm, 4pm and 7.30 :D (bar last, unless I'd be out & about over a pack time) Its finding what works for you -I know personally, there's no way could I start at 9 then go through to the evening without anything but if it works stick with it :D x


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I have mine: bar 10-10:30am; soup 3-4pm and then shake 7-8pm :)


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I find it easier to take the bar with me, so I don't need to explain (or tell anybody at work) I am on a diet. I enjoy my cup of coffee and 'cereal bar' :) so they're not too nosy.


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Thanks mellowbird, I've been 100% TS so far. Not easy but doable :) I feel not that great (have a cold) but I'll be fine. This is temporary feeling, ketosis will come and then it is much easier. You keep going and stay on the track with me hun! :)
Dont think it matters in the slightest when ya have them as long as ya have ya 3 packs a day your doing TS and thats it..... i have mine when i fancy but like starlight i tend to have them later rather than early in the day xx good luck and do what suits you xx


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I have no set pattern, some days I "need" my first before 7am, other days it can be 2pm! My dangerous time is when I start a stretch of nights at work, and I need to make the 3 packs last 24 hours :eek:

As long as I have my 3 packs, I tend not to worry too much (although admit LL was "easier" because it was 4 packs ;) )



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I have all mine on the evenings after 6pm. I can go all day with nothing apart from water but evenings are a different ball game for me
I am waiting till afternoon for my "lunch" pack which is a shake, then 5-6 pm my dinner is a soup and 8-9 pm is supper is my bar.
I must munch in the evening.


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I tend to have bar between 8am and 10am depending on whether work day or weekend. Then shake between 1pm and 3pm. Then soup around 6pm- 7pm

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