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What to do!?


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I will have my first weigh in tomorrow. I have a couple of problems, though.

1. My period is late. Leading up to my period starting, I retain water like crazy. And since it's late, nothing is going on with the water retention and I feel like I haven't lost as much weight as I could have (which is going to be SO disappointing since I have stuck with this diet religiously and haven't cheated at all). And, I'm not pregnant. I had my "tubes tied" almost 7 years ago. Plus, (just in case...since there is some really small percentage that it could still happen), I've taken 4 pregnancy tests over the past week and they have all been negative. Anyway, the water retention! Ugh!!

2. I have a 4th of July BBQ coming up next weekend with my American friends. It's going to be SO hard to sit there and not eat anything. I'm on the 4 shakes a day plus 200ml of milk plan. Do you think I could eat a chicken breast and stay in ketosis? Or maybe go on the 3 shakes a day plus a 200cal meal plan for a week and then go back to the original plan?

I'm going to talk to my CDC about it tomorrow. Not sure what she'll say. Just wondered what others here thought about it. :confused:
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hi casey i am not experienced enough to give advice to you on this matter, but seeing as 53 people have viewed this thread but not answered your question i find very strange, hopefully this will bump it up and somebody will be able to help you x


please try again
cd can mess with your periods a lil while ur body adjusts. you know youve been 100% so dont be down hearted if its a smaller loss than you hoped for because it will show on the scales the following week once the water retention has gone


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Thanks :)

Had my first weigh in and lost 8 pounds! So very happy with that! :D

I'm going to stay with the plan I'm on now and take a bar with me to the BBQ on Sunday...and lots of water! I'm just going to have to keep telling myself..."Be strong, be strong!" :)


please try again
well done you!

thats a good idea for the bbq, gives you something to munch on while sticking to plan


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CD always messes with my periods, Casey. They are either late or early or don't happen at all. I don't think it happens to everyone but it certainly happens to quite a few of us.

Good news about the weight loss!
Don't know about the bloating and water retention but anyways 8lb in your first week is marvelous:) well done.

I have just completed my 3rd 100% week, I'm on 3 meals a day. For some reason our social life has been particularly active over the last 3 weekends and its been a real struggle to be honest. I have given myself an incentive in that my husband and I are going away for Christmas this year and I am determined to be on the beach in a bikini! (yay).

Does'nt have to be that of course but mini goals are the way I think. I just keep telling myself, that a good time drinking with my friends or an indian meal (which is my favourite) will not task as good as losing 12lb in my first week and 4lb in the second. I am getting weighed at 1.30pm so who knows what that will be (lol).

Good luck.

Well done on deciding to take the bar and stick with it - its the only way to go! Keep focussed and you'll be at goal before you know it.
well done casey x

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