What to order for kfc??

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by stacey_jp, 15 June 2014.

  1. stacey_jp

    stacey_jp Member

    Is there any thing I can have from KFC???
  2. sam_tia

    sam_tia Well-Known Member

    Could u maybe order the chicken n take the skin off?!
  3. stacey_jp

    stacey_jp Member

    But the chicken is fried in oil isn't it. Why is the best food so bad for you :( xxx
  4. chamcat

    chamcat Active Member

    Their website says they do 3 types of salad but only one is with grilled chicken (not fried) that the grilled BBQ rancher salad. I'd go for that, can't get the syns up online but if you have it with no dressing then it would just be whatever the marinade is make a guess? Say 5.5 (that's how much 1/2 a nandos chicken is?)
  5. GingerJV

    GingerJV Well-Known Member

    Is it really necessarily to have something from KFC? maybe you can shift to any other food? I do not even know what to advice....Maybe the only thing is that salad Chamcat wrote about..
  6. Because it isn't the best food?

    I have to confess I have never had it - wouldn't even if they paid me - but even their own adverts don't pretend it is anything other than junk food.
  7. LucyRosalie

    LucyRosalie Active Member

    I dont really think theres much you can have from KFC, although the chicken strips are not BAD. i usually get them if my boyfriend forces me to go KFC with him (he loves it) i cant remember how much they are, but i allow 15 syns a day, and i dont go over that! If fast food is something you love, mcdonalds is probably the best of them all - even though none of them are good - a cheeseburger is a good option!
  8. gabbyj92

    gabbyj92 New Member

    crispy strips are 3 syns each I think if you then add beans and a diet pepsi which are both free it should be okay :)

    or you could try making your own, there's a recipe for making your own kfc chicken on here.

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