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What video?? never offered to me??


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I knew that was available but I was not offered either. Actually my pharmacy was a bit useless.
This is how I joined... I found the closest to me and rang them up to see if they still participated, they said yes and I went down.
Walked in and said I was there for the Lipotrim Program and I was given 2 forms filled them in and she gave me a leaflet and showed me the info on the bag and asked what flavours I wanted, gave them to me and that was it.
They didnt weigh me or offer video or any chat. The person that saw to me was the young weekend staff. Did not even see pharmacy.

But then when I came on here and you all had the information and support I just didnt bother. I am happy here :)

Next time you are there just ask for the introductory Lipotrip Video.


A little of everything!
Don't bother. It's on their website. It's very boring and made on a budget of 47p (LOL!) but it tells you the basic 'science' of the diet.
To be honest, although it is utterly shoestring you SHOULD watch it :) as it contains loads of information about the science stuff. I think we all need to feel fully informed before we start any kind of diet :)

The support, help and advice here is invaluable but you do need the basic info about the diet early on as well. Watch it online, but pharmacy should have a copy for you - i'm sure LT insist on it being watched.
Actually Jesi my pharmacist was worse didn't see a leaflet os go through anything on then bag just said to read instructions when making shakes.she was friendly enough though. i agree all the info and support on here is all we need anyway!
and was that sarcasm irishmum about the 47p video lol!!:p
I was offered the dvd, but they wanted a fiver deposit incase i did a runner with it, but I didnt watch it as id read most things on the internet and on there site so i ditnt bother.

You can get all your help and advice from this site and everyone but watch it if you want to.


A little of everything!


A little of everything!
PMSL!! I told you!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Don't bother. It's on their website. It's very boring and made on a budget of 47p (LOL!) but it tells you the basic 'science' of the diet.
I agree with the quality..shoddy! :)
I couldnt believe it and in fact struggled to even here what was being said, so I just looked at the pictures of fat people getting thinner :)!!!!

They should have offered you the CD before even allowing you to go on the program, apparently!!!!! But, as we know, they all differ enormously from pharmacy to pharmacy!!
I declined mine as I live 30 mins away and I would have had to take it home to watch it then come back etc etc

The person I saw could see that I had looked into this properly before coming to a decision from when we spoke so didn`t push it.

LiSe x
It is pretty dreadful, but I would watch it just as it hammers home a couple of the ideas behind the diet.

Though, I watched mine online because my pharmacist is awful - doesn't even weigh me!


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