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What was the hardest day for you on Exante? Day 1, day 2, day 3 etc?

Would be interested to hear what day Exante users found to be the hardest?

I'm nearing the end of day two and can't get over how easy it's been - I don't feel ravenous, yes I could eat but I felt like that most of the time in 'normal' life! I've had a headache but think that's down to cutting out the diet coke (caffeine withdrawals) rather than anything else!

Is it going to get worse or am I just lucky? What day was worst for you?
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Day 4 was the worst for me, I was over the hunger but I felt really light headed, spaced out, low in energy and headachey. That's not to say you'll be the same, maybe you'll be lucky :)


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I think if you've never done a vlcd before all the hype about getting into ketosis is made to seem alot more than it really is don't get me wrong it's Defo a challenge!

For me it's usually day 5 it's quite late but that's normally my worst day this time I'm on day 7 and yesterday day 6 was awful I mentally wanted food was really tired and drained and moody! I rode it out n didn't eat it was just a tough day

Hopefully you won't have a tough time at all!
think i've been very lucky, not really had any problems at all and into week 3. in fact I thought I must be doing something wrong and got some ketostix to test I was in ketosis!

not really suffering from hunger, obvioulsy it's not too easy when other people are eating around you but willpower is getting me through that. if anything I feel better than I did before, not getting headaches like I used to and I'm sleeping through the night which hasn't happened for a long time!

hopefully I can stay problem free and get through a few months on TS!
First time around I would say Day Two going onto Day three was the worst - Just shows really all the rubbish I used to eat with the massive carb withdrawl I suffered!!
Second time round I was actually in Ketosis by the end of the second day which was amazing - so I would have to say Day one was the worst!
It is was not so much headaches or anything like that but getting my head around starting up again and sticking to it!

Once I am on the diet I find it very easy to stick to as it involves very little thought for me (which is always good)!!!

For all those new starters out there stick with it and it really does get a little easier every day x
Thanks all, I'm now on day five and can't believe how easy this has been!

I was psyching myself up for uncontrollable cravings/hunger and that just hasn't happened. There's been times when I've felt fairly hungry but nothing that wasn't managable and certainly not all the time as I had feared I might be.

I don't think I've ever stuck to a 'normal' diet so easily and with so few issues!
Day 6 today and I'm struggling lots not sure if it's because everyone is home today, or just coz I really want eat something!!! Think I will have to have a early night tonight. X
Day 6 today and I'm struggling lots not sure if it's because everyone is home today, or just coz I really want eat something!!! Think I will have to have a early night tonight. X
I'm day six too and have been thinking about food a lot today - people that don't know I'm on the diet keep offering me choc bars and asking if I want to come over for dinner. Nooooooo!
Yes this is the same with me, I haven't told anyone apart from my partner and mum and dad, don't feel to bad this evening, I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. X
Hey LordLu,
Day 4 and 5 usually the worst days for me,have felt so horrible in the past i fell off the diet...i'm on day 4 today as a restarter and i feel great,so fingers crossed...i'm determined this time to see it through..so best of luck...my weigh in day is Friday so hopefully no disasters before then...cheers and good luck on ur journey...jen

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