What was your Final Straw?


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Hi girls and guys,
Just wondering what was the final straw that made you all decide to do a VLCD and shift the weight.
I'll start with mine.
We went on holiday to Sicily in September. We were staying with friends who live there and each evening went out to sit in the local cafe to eat/drink/watch the world go by. On the first evening I sat on a plastic chair and next thing there was a huge noise and the chair crashed to the floor taking me with it.
I picked myself up quickly and could see loads of people laughing at other tables. My 2 year old was crying and saying "mummy fall down".
I was mortified. The owner came out and said sorry the sun dries out the chairs and they crack. He then went in the back and brought out this huge antique wooden chair like a throne. It took two of them to carry it out. With much hand gesturing he told me sit on it and that it would not break. God I was cringing.I took my 2 year old off for a walk just to get away from there.
For the whole holiday I was scared to sit down on those bloody plastic chairs which were everywhere.
I can laugh at it now but I will never forget how bad I felt. It took me another three months to get my head into gear to do this diet.
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Awww what a great question!

Well basically I had a baby 4 months ago, and I knew I had defiantely eaten for 2 if not 3 whilst I was pregnant. I was mahooosive!!

After she was born I just kept eating and eating, I got out of the bath a few weeks ago and quickly thought "who the f*** is that in my mirror" realisation dawned that it was me :( With a belly that actually folded down! I was disgusted and mortified!

Even on new years eve, we had friends round, we were all playing on the wii, one of them recorded me playing and this whole huge fat thing was jumping around on the screen. I was just disgusted in myself.

So basically the stranger in the mirror made me do it!! :D


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Ohh Maro :( thats awful aint it??!!! I had a chair brake on me couple of summers ago! well it cracked but it didnt make me fall off if you see what i mean..so i can understand your pain there!!!

Havnt really got a 'final' straw as such just really needed to NOT be shopping in Evans anymore!



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Aww bless ya maro xx

Ummm for me it was seeing all the christmas pictures, and the amount of time I had to spend deleting them all. Also the fact I had to PM my friends on facebook and tell them not to tag me in pictures lol. I realised I was doing my utmost not to be seen which is silly really because people see me every day! Also after having a really crap year last year, this year was going to be about me and no one else. So my resolutions were for health and feeling good :)

great thread :)


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For me - I have MS that is slowly getting worse. Firstly, my excess weight can't be helping me and secondly, there is some new resesrch which means an operation could help my MS. It's amazing and I want it. Actually I'm off to Poland at start of Feb for some tests. It's where the expertise is. I don't want to be fat on the table. I'm a midwife and I've seen these poor women, and I'm one of them !!!!!

Add to that , I HATE being a heffer lolol xxx


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Claire, good luck with the treatment, I hope it brings you some relief and hope for a better future. Loadsa love to you xxx


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well im a restarter but the reason i first went on cambridge was i went on holiday to centre parcs with my daughter, i struggled to get about there carrying her ( she was unable to even weight bare at this time ) when we got home i was all excited to get the photo's developed and there was a picture of me in the baby ball pool with me propping kaya up and i look like a mountain not a person

i need to be in good shape as i need to be able to do things for my girl, im also another one who was sick to the back teeth of only being able to shop in evans ( was a 30/32 at my biggest, evans was my only choice ) still a size 24 but thats opened severa other options and its ony going to get better as i get smaller


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There has been a few moments. Firstly, I was at my best friend's house she had just done up her house and my family and I were invited over for dinner. The kids were playing outside with our partners so we decied to have a chat before dinner. I sat on her new dining table and broke her chair. My best friend is a fitness fanatic and went on to tell me about all the health issues involved with my weight. Then my best friend's partner came and my best friend explained what happened. Usually in those awkwards moments I tend to make a joke so I made a comment like well this should be the moment I decide to go on a diet and everyone looked back at me and stated that it was not a laughing matter and that I have serious problem.

Secondly, I want to get into nice clothes for once.

Thirdly, I dont want to be the biggest person every where I go.


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I have been 'thinking' about dieting for a while and was always saying....will start tomorrow or start soon. It came to a head beginning of December I think, I was sitting on the sofa resting my hands on the top of my tummy and I can remember doing that when I was heavily pregnant. That did it for me really, decided that after Christmas I was going to start on Cambridge. Am so pleased I did too. Although I have a long way to go I do feel better in myself for starting.

Charlie xx


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I've been keeping a journal for over a year now and every few days I'm write the same thing about my eating being out of control and hating myself and being so ugly etc, etc. So I spent some time last week reading back over some of my journal entries and realised that just in the year I've been journalling I feel the same way all the time. I've tried different diets in the year and always caved in really early on and let my emotional eating take over. So here I am, day 2.


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I decided to have a healthier lifestyle. I cut-out unhealthy foods and I joined the gym and went swimming/gyming 3 times a week.

One day I was at the gym. I decided to use their scales and put a 50p in. The ticket printed out said "YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT. YOU ARE OVER YOUR IDEAL BMI." This was very upsetting especially considering I'd been excercising and eating healthily for some time.

I realised that it would take more drastic action to make any difference to my weight, so when a friend told me about Cambridge Diet I jumped straight onto the programme!

Yay for CD!


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Just a quick note to say thanks for being so honest about your feelings. Alot of your experiences are the same as others so we are never alone and i'm so glad that we have somewhere to share our feelings about our weight.
i too have decided to start the Cambridge diet after 10 years of yo-yo dieting after having 3 children. I still have a picture in my head of how i looked before having children so when i look in the mirror i'm dont see me.

Wishing everyone the happiness we all deserve and to feeling loads better about ourselves xxx


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Mine is a bit more long winded but in 2008 I went from 215lbs to 165lbs after busting my rear at the gym and dieting. I worked really hard and was prepared to go all the way to my goal weight but I plateaued or so I thought. I was doing a very strenuous work out routine but stopped losing weight and started gaining. I went to the doc and was diagnosed with Graves' Disease which is hyperthyroidism that happens to have a crazy side effect of a huge appetite, basically I was always hungry and couldn't satisfy it. While I was eating the right things, I couldn't not eat without severe pain. At the same time I couldn't work out because my resting heart rate was 130 beats per minute and 2 minutes on the treadmill bumped it to 180 beats per minute. Well I went through radiation therapy to kill off the gland and found myself on the opposite side of the tracks when my thyroid stopped working much more abruptly than the doctors anticipated. The appetite subsided but the damage was already done, I was back to my original weight of 215 pounds. I couldn't work out because being as hypothyroid as I was, you get terrible musculoskeletal pains, basically like a pain scale 9-10 muscle cramp if you even stretch. No matter how I fan-angled my diet, I still couldn't lose weight so really until I could get back to the gym, I had to do something drastic before I put on even more weight. I happened to find CD on a complete random search - talked to my doctor and she was 100% supportive as she'd heard of it before and had already researched it. The rest is history :)

My thyroid is finally back to the normal ranges and I can go back to the gym and do my hardcore regiment, but I'm having way more fun with Cambridge :).


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Seeing pictures of myself at my friend's wedding. I didn't even recognise myself - it was horrible!


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Shortness of breath walking up flights of stairs or a hilly area, I could see that my physical health was not as it should be for my age.

Mrs Taurus

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I found all the documents for a surprise holiday my husband had booked for us in Spain-a really well thought out holiday,no expense spared and what did I do-keep quiet and let him surprise me on my birthday? thank him? no I panicked about fitting on a plane,having to wear/buy summer clothes and reveal my body in a swimming costume-I raced in the lounge and shouted "how could you be so thoughtless,I am too fat to go abroad.....".
I went,had the most fantastic time and realised how much my weight had affected my self-esteem and enjoyment of life due to worrying what other people thought of me. A month after retutning from the holiday I rang my lovely cdc x


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I lost 4 stone before i became pregnant and actually stayed skinny except for the growing bump. I however piled on the weight in the last trimester, putting on 2 stone in 6 weeks even though i hadnt changed my eating habits. I thought it would come off after the birth, but i put it on instead, a combination of pnd, long sessions of motionless breastfeeding & emotional eating. My ankles have really hurt since the birth. The turning point for me was being dropped off at the supermarket by my OH to pick up cake for his sisters birthdays. I had been sitting in the cab of his van for a while so was a bit stiff, but I got out and tried walking across the car park. Not only could I barely walk, I lumbered/swayed as I walked...a gait I recognised as like my dearly departed Mothers. I also thought about what must my yummy looking physically fit hubby think watching me struggle to walk. I also caught sight of myself struggling to cross the carpark in the tall glass sainsburys glass wall. Not long after this I had to go into work briefly. I came back from there feeling so low, knowing that only 12 months before I had still been a skinny mini even with a bump. I was frankly embarassed that I had gotten so big again. But ultimately it was realising that I could barely walk because of the weight I had got up to.


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Ive been overweight for a while and ive tryed doing many diets but gave up . What made me decide to do vlcd was when i saw my reflection in a a shop window how huge i looked ! The other is wanting to look good for myself and my partner . I want to feel sexy again