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What was your first week weight loss?

I lost 7lbs in my first week last time i did exante. Hoping to get at least 5lbs this time :)
I lost 8.5lbs today which was my first week weigh in :)


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Which time? ;)

Anywhere between 6 & 9 lbs for me



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The last 3 times I have followed VLCD's in the first week I lost, 9.5lb, 7lb and 6.5lb. Haven't done Exante before but HOPING for at least 6lb
I've been doing Slimfast for 6 weeks and probably not been eating the full 600cals for the meal (have lost 17lbs, maybe more as not weighed for a few days). Does this mean I will lose less in my first week as my body is used to not having lots of cals or is weightloss on Exante about something else? (e.g. Ketosis). What I'm basically asking is does a history of dieting mean your weightloss will be slower? I notice that people who have done Exante a few times lose less each time they restart...
Bernice said:
.............I lost 9lbs in my first week on Lipotrim (Yucketty yuck) Exante is much tastier. xx
I lost 9lb on my 1st week on lipotrim too and I totally agree. Exante is tons nicer and cheaper too which is a nice bonus. x x x
Yeh. Had my 1st weigh in yesterday and lost 11lb. Best 1st week ever. x x


Skinny girl in a fat body
I had my first weigh in tonight and I have lost 9lb. Its over 8 days though rather than 7 but I am thrilled :D


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I came to Exante from Tony Ferguson which is part food replacement, very low carb still... first week on tony ferguson I lost 8.2lbs and first week on Exante I lost 6.5lbs but you cant expect a big first week loss if your already on a very low carb, low cal diet.

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