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What was your motivator?


Striving for slimness
Hey all, was just wondering what was the reason you all decided to join lighter life? Was thier a particular photo you saw or occasion that motivated you to start? Or did you simply think enough is enough.

For me, although I was very unhappy with my weight, there wasn't one particular occasion in this case. I simply saw the magazine and thought it was amazng that someone had lost alot of weight in a short time. So I looked it up and it sounded perfect for me....which it is.... what was your motivator?
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My boyfriends size 8 girlfriend bought me size 16-18 pyjmas for xmas. I opened them in front of everyone and wanted to cry. It wasnt done vindictivly- but I always thought that I hid my weight so well and for someone else to buy me that size (which is what i was) was a horrible feeling.
The doctor also told me i was too overweight and it was such an awkward conversation that I didnt want to have again!
Kellie please tell me you mean your brothers girlfriend and not really your boyfriends girlfriend LOL
I had been off work for 9 weeks after having Knee Surgery in September 07. When I returned to work, Greenock Gal who i work with, walked passed me outside. I stopped her and said, "ummm, excuse me - but where is the other half of you!!??" I was gobsmakced. She was so slim and looked so fantastic - I really couldn;t believe my eyes. She told me about the diet and she looked gorgeous.

I went back to my desk and thought there was no way in hell I could do that. I was too scared to imagine going without food - my gosh, that was my lifeline!! So I dismissed it as impossible.

Then that night, looking in the mirror, I thought out loud while looking myself in my eyes, "If you give up food for 7 or 8 months - JUST 7 OR 8 MONTHS!!!!, You could be thin!! OR - you can keep eating crap for 8 months and be bigger. You could make a very small short sacrifice and acheive my dream? Couldn;t you?"

Well, when that clicked, it was a very emotional moment, and I said, "I can, and I will do it." I then spent the next 5 or 6 weeks here, asking loads of questions, and getting my head wrapped right around it so I was mentally prepared.

And the rest, as they say, is history. :)

best thing I've ever done.


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haha i actually meant my boyfriends brothers girlfriend. haha its been a lonnnnng day!


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here here BL!


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why thankyou :D
mine was a hen weekend i went on for a friend we all got dressed up in army gear,i looked a mess and when i saw photos i nearly died so thought thats it and here i am doing cd till i get the weight off, but ive kept the dress up stuff just to remind me what i look like when ever i feel the need to eat lol


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it certainly was a wake up call and I'm really thankful for it cos I feel so good now and it can only get better with the more I lose. My joints used to kill me and I got out of breath doing anything but I don't now :D
I saw my gynaecologist last Summer. He said in a very matter of fact fashion "you've put on weight":(

Last time i saw him before that was 24 hours after having had a traumatic c-section 8 months earlier. I was about 1st 4 lbs lower then than when i saw him again in the summer!! Bummer!

I also realised that I did not want to be fat and 40 (its that b-day this year you see)!!!!!! Did weight watchers and was barely losing a pound a fortnight.

Its now or never!
Mine was going to a wedding fair in london and only finding one wedding supplier that did plus size dresses. I went to there shop in october last year and was tied in to a size 24 dress that didnt do up at the back. i was so shocked. 3 weeks ago i ordered a size 12 dress for my wedding in september from a local boutique. i did go back to the original shop and they could not get the dress to even stay up.pinned and doubled tied it. she could not order the dress in anything smaller than a 16. i saw a picture of a freinds wedding in america. shes so big she was falling out the dress. i dont want to look at my pictures in a few years time and hate them. everyone is being so supportive
I ws on holiday in April / May last year and when i saw the pics I looked horrendous. I'm on holiday in May this year for my 40th, and determined to be 11 stone, that's the weight I was when I was 16, so a long time ago! Just about a stone to go....!!!
Not looking like an Elephant anymore, not having to worry what I will be wearing when going out, not worrying about fitting in a plane seat or a theme park ride but most importantly- WANT TO START HAVING A FAMILY SOON AFTER THIS IS OVER! being more healthy in life!


Striving for slimness
Feel so inspired reading everyone's posts here.. good luck everyone and jowray100 I bet you will look so fantastic on your wedding day! You will have to post some photos!!
Took some underwear pics for How to Look Good Naked application and had a wake up call that I couldn't be happy the way I was - even with the help of Gok!! I hit rock bottom and from there I picked myself up and found the determination to do something about it.


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