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what was your turning point?

okay , we all know that if you eat too much food, you put on weight, and for some the more weight you put on-the more you eat. so you end up diggin yourself into a deeper and deeper hole. you either keep your head down there, and carry on, or you decide to change.

a few weeks ago i went to my mums, and she touched my stomach and said ''i think you have some exciting news for us dont you?''...............hhhmmmmmm no mum, unless that ''exciting news'' is that i ate a full double cheese takeaway pizza the night before! :eek: and another time her friend said the same thing, and out right asked me if i was pregnant! then my all time favourite jeans-which are VERY forgiving, and will do me when im a 14, and when im a size 12 suddenly wouldnt come past my thunder thighs. and that day i looked in the mirror-and wasnt suprised they thought i was pregnant! my legs seemed to have just doubled in size without me noticing, my face seemed so rounded-and hardly any of my clothes fit, and those that did were soooooooo unflattering.
so that was my turning point, the time when i realised this is it, i want to get down to weight i have always dreamed about 9st-i have never weighed under 10st, and have weighed 12st in the past.

i think if i keep this in the forefront of my mind, then this will keep me focused. often in diets i get to a point where i think ''whats the point?'' but if we all keep those reasons for weight loss fresh in our minds, say a certain size clothes we want to wear, a holiday, or looking at an unflattering picture of ourselves-then we can soldier on towards our goal!

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When I was a teenager I weighed no more than 7 stone - then I moved in with hubby and my weight fluctuated between 10st 12 and 12st 10. Somewhere in between, poor mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 unfortunately passing away at 45. Whilst my mum was in the hospice, my then 25 year old brother had a brain haemorrhage.......... We held mums funeral a month after this, my brother seemed to be on the mend, but as I was flitting between two hospitals, I just grabbed whatever i could to eat. My brother got married 6 months later, by which time I was 14st 10!!! Just as I decided to try dieting one more time, my brother suffered another haemorrhage and spent 9 months in rehabilitation. So again, long trips to lots of hospitals and even more junk. (This was 9 years ago). In 2003, when I was sure my brother had gone through the worst, I joined WW Online at 14st 10 and within 10 months lost 3 stone.... Great!!! Until I tripped over a paving slab and couldnt exercise for quite a while so all the weight came back on!! I have now been told my cholesterol is high, my blood pressure is borderline high, which of course means I am at risk of strokes and i dont want to end up like my brother and also being obese puts you at risk of cancer (which I dont want either). So, after many failed attempts over the last couple of years, I have decided enough is enough, I will do it this time!! (Helps that size 14 clothes are fitting now, was 18-20, and its also nice that my belly isnt sitting on my thighs anymore either, lol!)
My turning point was last year, when i realised how bad my PCOS had got, and how much I want to have children (not now but in the future), and the state I was in, I wouldnt have been able to.
I had been prescribed Reductil before, but was taken off it, because of other issues, so i rang the doctors, made an appointment and asked to be put back on them again and I was. This time though I have totally changed my life, I didnt rely soley on the Reductil , which is lucky as they were withdrawn from the market in january.
due to the weight i have lost to date, my PCOS is so much better, thus greatening my chances of having children, when the time is right. If I do need help, then im happy to know ill be one step above where i was before, due to having my BMI lower then what it was.
My life has changed for the better, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My new turning point is getting to goal and staying there :)
i knew i have needed to do some thing for years but i knew i wanted a big family and always thought i will diet so much but giving in because i thought when we have another baby i will pile the weight back on, this ended in january with me being 21st5 after the birth of my 4th and very final child (hubby had the snip in dec). now is the time for me to focus on me with no excuses or reasons to not be fit and healthy for my kids.. its took me a little while to get in the swing of things but im now at last wi 19st9 and hoping to be much lighter this week (i was calorie counting and exercising but became a bit obsessive and restrictive so joined ww for a boost and a plan that was easy to sustain long term and support) my body is ravaged due to huge babies and im lucky my weight didnt adversley effect and of my pregnancies.. so i think anyone loosing weight for a healthy future pregnancy should be commended, i wish i had doe so then i wouldnt be starting from scratch now! better late than never!
nic x
its great to read your stories girls-you've all done incredibly well to even start a weight loss program-good luck in your journey.
one last thing that was part of my 'turning point' is that i need surgery, and my GP said that in order to qualify i need to have a BMI of 25 or under.
i also grew up with body issues, my mum was always yo-yo dieting, for a few weeks just eating grapefuit, and then gorging on chocolate, crisps, and pasta. i want to set a a healthy example to my 2year old daughter, and not make weight a real big issue, but show her to to lead a happy, and healthy life. in this world of intense media pressue to have the perfect face/figure/wardrobe/life i think theres enough pressue without children seeing it in the home. but to make one big change and not go back can only teach or children confidence, willpower, and how to moderate certain things
I don't know why I've decided to share this - possibly because its anonymous and I can't talk about it anywhere else. It makes me cry every single day - so I really hope you don't mind but I'd like to tell you all. It'll just help so much to be able to get it out!
In 2006, I lost 6 stones and felt like a new woman! My interest in clothes, makeup, hair ... and my hubby ... were all rekindled and I swore I'd never regain the weight and go back to the old ways. Life was great - holidays, fun, nights out ... all fabulous. Most importantly, my self confidence and self esteem soared and I felt content and peaceful for the very first time in my life. Then, 20 months ago, the bombshell was dropped on me from a great height. My daughter, who was 17 at the time, who had struggled at school and college and who was a quiet person seemingly disinterested in the things other girls of her age were interested in, came to me and told me that she'd just taken an overdose. It turned out ok but she then received counselling about what had driven her to do it. I was asked to attend one of the sessions with her and, to cut a very long, very distressing story short, she told me that she had been assaulted by a paedophile from the age of 13 to 16. She'd met him on a social networking site at 12, been groomed by him for 6 months then finally met him when she'd just turned 13. I heard all the details of the perverted things he did to her, of how she thought she loved and needed him so said 'yes' (even though she wanted to say no), about how she'd lied to us and been encouraged to believe that we were terrible parents and about how he told her he was the only one who would ever love her and how she'd never be able to find someone else. 20 months on, she blames herself for whats happened. She won't prosecute because she believes that she's the sick one and she regularly self-harms. She also binge eats and doesnt look after herself. She's still in counselling and IS slowly but surely starting to come to terms with whats happened. At 19, she has a wonderful, understanding boyfriend and a job in a care home but she is so, so sad. It breaks my heart to see my child so damaged and in such pain. As a result of this terrible revelation, I turned to food as my comfort. I gained over 5 stone in 20 months and completely lost the plot in many ways. Then in March this year, we went away for a few days, just to get a bit of peace and quiet. My husband took some pics of me at the various places we visited and it was when I saw them that I realised that I'd ballooned beyond all recognition and that the damage I'd done, along with the extreme stress of what we are going through was putting me very squarely in the running for a heart attack or some other fatal illness. I can't run the risk of not being there for my daughter - she needs her mum at the moment - so I heaved myself up, dusted myself off and joined WW. Its been a hard road and I've had one or two periods where I've gone completely off the rails. Nearly 2 stone later and I'm pulling it back but its hard and I muck it up a lot then I think of my girl and somehow, I pull it back.
Life throws some terrible things at you and you react accordingly in the way you know but its important to never give up on yourself or to beat yourself up for being frail. Life's a ***** but you can beat it and you can beat your weight problem when the time is right. Whatever the reason you gained, its YOUR reason and you should never beat yourself up for it - just be kind to yourself.
Thanks so much for reading this. I appreciate it and it HAS really helped me to talk about it. Loads of good luck with your weight losses and NEVER SAY DIE!!!!! You can do it!!! xxxxxx
OMG wannabeelovely. what a truelly heartbreaking story, and im so glad you have got some of that off your chest-it really sounds like you needed to. im almost in tears reading this, what a terrible situation-it sounds like your daughter is slowly getting herself back on track, i wish her the best. and as for you, what a brave woman, and how fantastic that you have decided to do something so possitive. hopefully things are looking up for you and can only get better. i will be watching your progress and cheering you on.


And Again...........
Wanabee, must be hard to share, but means we all know how much this all means to you, so we can help keep you on the straight and narrow, tell you off when (if!) you are naughty, and congratulate you on how well you have done - 2 stone is fab! An inspiration!

I got married in May, and was not a size I was happy with, but my hubby loves me, so what?! Lol, then I realised i wanted to be more active, thinner, and to be able to get out and do things i dont feel i can do now. I want to go out with my hubby and wear 'that' dress and feel fabulous!
Thanks so much PinkPrincess and Loopyluc - that means a lot to me. I'm going to try my hardest to get this weight off. It won't make my daughter better but it'll make me better able to help her and thats important to me. Thanks again. Hugs xxxxxxx


And Again...........
Maybe it will help your daughter. She will see her mum working hard, trying to improve herself, make herself healthier, a real positive role model (not saying that you werent before of course) but she can see you taking positive action. I know that that inspires me, people I look up too. x x x
wannabeelovely hugs((())) i wish u and ur daughter all the best with the challenges u both face xx
WANNABE what a wonderful caring mother you are.. im totaly moved but what you and your daughter have been through. my heart goes out to u both.. you can do this and will u have done it before and no matter what [email protected]!t life throws at you your a strond woman who will succeed and so will your daughter.. ive had experiences which touch on what your daughter has been through and i can guarantee she wont get better but she will improve to a point where it will be a memory not a constant thought. big hugs honey xxxx
My turning point was

well i have alway beeni say right as of monday diet day! goes well for a few day then haha i am back eating rubbish and the weekend takeaways! anyway in january my sil annouced her engagment and asked my to be maid of honour so i was thrilled and vowed to lose weight which i did but only 7lbs before the wedding i just didnt have the will power anyway her wedding was on sat 21st of august and mu beautiful dress kept being pushed down with my flab over the top! so sunday i looked in to when and where my class was and i signed up! i am gutted i didnt do so i was slim for her wedding and really regret trying harder but also thrilled this has made me see sense and do something about it once and for all! i am soo gonna do it this time!
Maybe it will help your daughter. She will see her mum working hard, trying to improve herself, make herself healthier, a real positive role model (not saying that you werent before of course) but she can see you taking positive action. I know that that inspires me, people I look up too. x x x
I think you could be right Loopyluc - that thought will keep me strong. I actually resisted a jammy doughnut today (my favourite!!) so here's hoping I can crack it for both of us! Thanks again for your support and your kindness! xxxx
WANNABE i can guarantee she wont get better but she will improve to a point where it will be a memory not a constant thought. big hugs honey xxxx
Thanks so much Nicolaann! I really appreciated your post. I'll carry that thought with me cos if my daughter ever got to that stage it would be wonderful. xxxx
Hiya ScottishJewel! Thanks for your support yesterday re my post. It was much appreciated.
Regarding your post re the wedding, I think as long as you can take the positive out of any negative situation and make it work for you, you're onto a winner! Go for it hunny - it could be the just the kick you needed to get going and stay going! I'm sure you looked beautiful at your sister's wedding anyhow, whatever your dress was doing! xxxxxx
Hiya ScottishJewel! Thanks for your support yesterday re my post. It was much appreciated.
Regarding your post re the wedding, I think as long as you can take the positive out of any negative situation and make it work for you, you're onto a winner! Go for it hunny - it could be the just the kick you needed to get going and stay going! I'm sure you looked beautiful at your sister's wedding anyhow, whatever your dress was doing! xxxxxx
awww thanks hun i am sooo determinded to do it and i will never fit the dress again! as it will be to big! and i can look back and remind myself of how big i was! and what i aint going back thanks for ur support and ur welcome we are all here for each other i am loving this site and thanks to everyone so far wether it on tips or advice to others it is helping me loads! (kinda getting addicted ti here i think LOL) xx
some of your stories on here are so sad,and you are very strong people to go through the things you went through,and goodluck to you all,

i never usually post on here but thought id give it a try,

i realised i needed to do something about my weight 7 months ago,after my bf got rid of me lol
being with him made me feel so low that i gained 2 stone in the 3 years i was with him,i binged on laxatives n then food,then laxatives just to feel better,and at the time it did make me feel better,id moved out of my mums to live with him,and id been with him since i left school at 16(now 19) and hes was 9 years older,obviously things are always lovely at the beginning and so when things went down i stupidly didnt do a runner,he was into drugs,drink and enjoyed sleeping with other women,but instead of leaving i just blocked it out and pretended everything was fine,plus my mum got ill and was told she would be in a wheelchair in a few years, so emotionally i turned to food,laxatives and drugs,but being in such a destructive relationship i used to take boxes of laxatives all the time coz id realised how fat id got and never looked good in any of my clothes,soon as i was free and single i went to weight watchers to do something and was horrified as it said 14st4,i felt so bad that id let myself get like that,i talked my mum into going, shes lost 38lb n iv lost 22 ,not as much as id hoped but as its more a lifestyle change and i can cope with that lol , i somtimes have food binges when i feel crap but the day after i go straight back to being good!!!

goodluck to all of you on the weightloss,and even though i rarely post im always here reading your posts for inspiration and finding out the point values! well done xxxxx
Life can be so hard can't it Blossom - this forum is full of stories of people's hardships and the huge problems they've overcome. Its inspiring to read about others bravery and what made them decide to start cherishing themselves. So many people turn to food for comfort and it becomes a crutch which actually helps to get us through some very bad things. You had some enormous problems and emotional heartaches to deal with and you've done brilliantly to pull yourself out of the downward spiral and turn it round to success. It doesnt matter what you've lost - and 22lbs is fantastic - you should be very, very proud of your achievement and the strength of character you've shown cos thats what's going to get you through this and its whats going to make you happy and fulfilled in life with all the good things around you you so clearly deserve. Keep smiling sweetheart cos you're a gem!!! xxxx
ps - I don't post very often on here either but I'm going to start after the support I got yesterday. x

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