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What would you do?

I have been on VLCD for 4 and a half weeks now and have lost over 1.5 stone. I haven't slipped at all in the time I have been doing the diets (first LT now CD). I am totally comitted to getting into my wedding dress in 6 weeks time. However, this weekend I have a dilemma.

It's my birthday on Sunday and DP wants to go out for dinner with the kids. I'm wondering whether to go out and have a small dinner of chicken and green salad? I'm pretty sure I could get back on the wagon straight away, and the meal would be low carb so I doubt it would knock me out of ketosis but after reading on here about how hard it is to start again after a blip, i'm wondering if it would be ok.

What would you do?
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i love minimins me :)
its my birthday on tue and i am goin to have low carb meal, i discussed it with my cdc and decided it was probaly a better idea to plan it, than to ed up bingin

good luck with wha ever u decide



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Hi FD,

I personally wouldn't eat, but I know this isn't an option for everyone.

If I have a customer in the same situation I would tell them if the couldn't avoid food then eat what you would on a AAM week. Also tell them to have their shakes that day and they are less likely to over do it because they should be full.

I'd aslo warn them of the chances possibility of stuggling to get back on the programme if they stray to greatly.

You could make a bigger fuss next birthday and focus on the slimmer you in 6 weeks time.

All the best in what ever you decide.


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I would definitely do it. anyway it's your AAM week if you're on week 5 so there you go, follow AAM week guidelines. We go out a lot and I always just pick chicken or fish, ask them to grill it and have it with a salad and no dressing. it tastes like heaven when you've not eaten in weeks.



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i would advise not to, i ate yesterday for daughters birthday thinking it would be no probs. but today has been really hard and the hunger is back. so if u can wait until the wedding it would be better!
Its a difficult one, as everyone says!!

I went out for a meal on week 5, as part of a work do, I ate chicken and green veg only, I drank water all night and went to the loo when deserts came!! I went straight back to SS and never looked back.

I am aware though that I am an exception, and many people find this a slippery slope back down the wrong path.

As sim says, there are many, slimmer, birthdays to come, and I urge caution, only you can decide how important this is, and make what ever is the right decision in your eyes, what ever you do, have a Fab birthday, and if you choose to SS all the way through, just think how pleased you will be x


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I have not stared AAM week yet am only 2 days into week 3. But my hubbies BDay is during the AAM week and I intend to eat a low carb meal, chicken and salad etc.
Life goes on and I think that one of the most important parts of this diet is realizing that we have to be careful about what we eat for life. Planning ahead for such events is wise so that you feel in control.
Go for it girl!


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it was my birthday last week and luckily wason my last day of AAM week so wasnt too bad, my hubbys birthday was week before, day before started AAM also in between it was our wedding anniversary so we'd decided that when we both got down to goal then we would go out for a meal and celebrate.

It was quite easy for us to decide to do this as we never really go out much anyway
personally i wouldnt want to go out as wouldnt want to risk all the hard work but its your choice to do what you think is best for yourself :D


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I think its best not to but if you really have to chicken and salad is the best thing to do.
Are you not on your add a mealweek anyway?
I'm not on my AAM week as I have only done 2 weeks on CD, the first 2 were on lipotrim. I think i'll see how I go on the morning. If I do decide to eat, i'm sure i'll be able to get back onto SS without too much of a problem as I still have some to lose before my wedding so I still have a goal in mind.

Thanks guys.


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