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Whats been your best low syn find so far......

Jacquie Christie

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I think mine is cheese smash! Love it and 0.5 syn for the whole bag!


I was really excited to find that the Quorn 'meatballs' are free. The Italian ones are yummy with pasta and tomato sauce

Haven't tried the Bowyers sausages yet but keep hearing good things about them


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My fave low syn find is Total 2% greek yogurt. Only 1/2 a syn per pot and sooo creamy! I stir in a dollop into my porridge or have it as a snack with a drizzle of honey!



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Mine has to be my daily treat - 1 serving of Nescafe Skinny Capuchinno, it's 3 syns but really lovely and really hits the spot....


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Mugshots all the way! Especially the Thai flavour! They fill me up during peckish moments in work or at home if I'm desperate for a snack between meals and fancy something savoury instead of fruit! X


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super noodles i love them i even have them for breakfast sometimes the low fat ones are free on a green and ee and most of the others are about 2-2.5 be careful though some are like six and i think the souther fried one is higher.


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Definately the mini milks! Summer will be good :D


Cadbury Highlights dark chocolate. Only 1.5 syns per 11g. I mix it up with natural yogurt or quark, and maybe some fruit for a scrummy low-syn pudding.



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Ice cream Mars bars (multipack) are just 7 syns

Not the lowest syns in the world, but SUCH a treat

I think they might be my favourite thing ever! Mmm!!!x


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I used to live on Somerfield's own brand Swiss rolls, 4 syns per roll. They were individually wrapped largish ones, not the little multipacks. Delicious and I could easily have 3 a day and not crave anything else. I don't shop there anymore though, and with the takeover of Co-Op imminent well... They might not be around much longer, unless they have their own brand alternative.
What I liked about them was that they had a creamy white filling rather than chocolate or jam. Haven't seen anything that matched the taste.


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Ohh good thread:) curly wurlts are a must 6.5 Syns freeze them takes longer to eat :)


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For me it's the Ainsley Harriot savoury couscous. Approximately about 1syn for the whole pack and I sometimes have them as a snack! Either that or fill a de seeded pepper and oven cook and top with mozzarella mmmmmmmmmmm


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I used to put some vanilla and cinnamon and Splenda in the 0% one and it was a nice treat.

ooh what a great idea i love cinnamon will try it. i thought i just had a major sweet tooth cos i always mix splenda with my 0% feels like it should be sinned but will try that for my dessert later with a bowl of mixed fruit..roll on tea time ha ha:D