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Whats for dinner? Inspre each other

I have a chicken dish that i am obsessed with

I put 3 chicken breasts in a dish sprinkle 3 chicken cubes over... roughly chop onion, garlic, potato, sweed, carrot and sweet potato pour over boiling water season well and cover with tin foil bake in the oven for about 1 hour!! mmmmmmmmmm I love it xxx
I am doing meatballs in a tomato sauce with plenty of veggies on the side (red day)
Infact I have just put it in the slow cooker yum yum!!
I chop up mackeral and crab sticks, mix together with some cottage cheese and steamed veg. Doesnt sound too appealing but its good stuff!
I made my own mexican refried beans yesterday - slow cooked pinto/brown beans with loads of chopped oinion, garlic and chilli with smoked paprike and fajita spices for 9 hours and then blended with a handful of fresh coriander. I shall be having that today on a jacket potato.

For dinner I am making a chicken and vegetable tagine (Recipe posted on recipe thread) with couscous


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i am having the easycook Waitrose Lamb in redcurrent glaze (1.5 syns the lot!!!) and serving with a Jacket potato with creme fraiche and courgettes and carrots cooked in garlic and soy sauce. All covered in Mint and Lamb gravy! nomnomnom!

Syns - 4 per person on a red day! x


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We are having a spanish tapas night - green day - it's a disguised 'clear the fridge' night :D

spanish tortilla - potato, onion and pea omlette essentially
albondingas - meatballs (B) in a spicy tomato sauce
patas bravas - baked cubes of potato with a paprika tomato sauce
'fried' beans - french beans frylighted with onion and garlic
garlic mushrooms
big salad
olives (7 = 1 syn)

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I was going to do SW chips beans and quorn sausages...Realised i have no Quorn Sausages. Have the chicken pieces. Could I do anything with that?!


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I'm doing a SW version of spaghetti carbonara which is free if you use your HEA for the cheese :) made it lots of times before it's yummy.


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I was going to do SW chips beans and quorn sausages...Realised i have no Quorn Sausages. Have the chicken pieces. Could I do anything with that?!
Have you got some veg in your fridge you could stirfry with the Quorn pieces? I do this and pour over some 'Mayflower' curry sauce and have it with SW chips! Beans are welcome too!!X


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I am having Mushroom Risotto with Quorn Fillets for tea tonight, I'm really looking forward to it!


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I'm having my beef casserole that I made in my new slow cooker!! I'm pleased as punch with it! It has shin of beef, potato, carrots, parsnips, swede, mushrooms, tomato, onions, garlic, fresh chilli, cumin, coriander, thyme, beef stock. Yuuuuum!X


Tonight we are having Spaghetti with chilli meatballs. Syn free on red days. I can post recipe if anyone interested. What are you having??
Are you doing a red day today? are you counting the spaghetti as a heb otherwise its not free on red and you dont get a lot of pasta for your allowance.

we are having sw spag bol, but I have mine on roast veg with 100g cooked weight of wholewheat pasta mixed through.

good luck and enjoy :D


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I just realised I've not taken the bacon for the carbonara out to defrost + am at work so can't do much about it lol.....so I change my dinner to Pasta n Sauce! Or I might do a baked potato with egg mayo with a side salad + cold meat! Mmm.. we'll see!

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Meatballs in a lovely tomato sauce for us - OH will have his with spaghetti and mine with veggies xx

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