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Whats for tea everyone???


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Mmmm me too... if i had my way today i wouldve emptied the kitchen cupboards into my fat belly... been thinking about food much too much!

Think I have the cheesey meatballs (Free on red) on the menu with some pasta... and maybe a little tomato and basil sauce if i can be bothered to knock one up later! :)

i figured that was quite a bit of food and quite filling so should shut the gremlins in my greedy belly up!!

what do you fancy? xx


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Well im having pasta mushrooms sweetcorn mix with mozerella cheese, sounds yukkie but i love it :D
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Ive just made my first SW quiche with mushrooms, broccoli and onion and it was lush:D:D:D

I had it with some salad and made some potato salad with extra light helmans so only 1/2 a syn, I am so stuffed:p


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Well, i didnt get in until 6.30am this morning and only got up a few hours ago so i am proper rough.com :p

Im refusing to cook so im having vegetable/mushroom chow mein, egg fried rice and curry sauce from the Chinese. All within my syns for today (pending the syn value of the veg chow mein) :D


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yep we had SW quiche too. The base was sliced new potatoes and it also had mushroom, onion and peppers in it, plus a few chilli flakes to give it a kick:) Served up with green beans. yum.


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I had Tuna & Sweetcorn and Prawn salad with sugar free jelly, pineapple chunks and VLF fromage frais - it was lovely and now I am full......I shall have a capuchinno and 2 light Alpen bars later and that is me finished today...very nice it all was too.


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I am having red pepper chicken curry with rice (extra easy).
I am then finishing up with a bag of malteasers yummy.
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We've had the salmon noodle stir fry from the magazine. Gorgeous! Got a curly wurly in the fridge calling me for puddin' :p
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having chicken wrapped in bacon , jacket pots , green beans carrots and courgettes , pudding will be melon


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I had the Mangalorean beef and tomato curry from the Curry Feast cookbook with brown rice. Did it in the slow cooker and the beef almost fell to bits! Added some peppers and peas to pad it out. Very good! But I'll put more chilli in it next time, it wasn't hot enough!
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I made parmesean turkey breast (divine and so easy) with 113g chip shop chips cos hubby went lush tea :)
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I'm quite proud of what I had for tea. I'm ever so slightly hungover today and have craved Dominos pizza. I was meant to take my mum into town tonight and I was gonna pick up pizza on way home as they don't deliver to my area.

But my Dad had to drop something off at my nan's so he took my Mum in, so I decided to fend for myself and cook.

I made SW potato wedges from leftover pots. And had two small w/meal bread rols, with quorn sausages and onions in it. The only syns I had was ketchup.And I feel nice and full :)



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I'm so lazy. My LO had me up a few times lastnight and was up for the day at 5am, so I'm proper tired today! I refused to put any effort into my dinner and had... wait for it... pasta, baked beans and grated cheese!!! Haha! now that's what I call an easy, quick, effortless, filling dinner!! lol. Yeah I know, not at all healthy... xxx
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I had quorn bangers, 1 wholemeal roll, onions (fried in Frylight), mustard, salad and jacket potato wedges with rosemary - yum yum. Had a Cadbury Freddo earlier as my suppertime 'treat'
well thanks ladies, you truly did inspire me-nearly reached for the takeaway menu but NO i cooked a syn free carbonara instead!!
Thanks so much, you're all fab, just hope all this effort pays off this week!!!!x


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Im for making the Carbonara from the SW website :):) hopefully it'll turn out edible!!!! lol
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tonight I'm having mucshroom and vegetable stirfry with egg noodles....I've already had my afters for starters :p it was a ww cherry bakewell - didn't touch the sides!!


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