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What's going on?

Hi all, third time of trying to post this. Hope it works this time, I really need some advice :(

Firstly I am new to this forum but not to exante so hi to all! I have been lurking for a few weeks and found this site to be fantastic.

Can anybody help me? I started Exante 10 weeks ago and everything was going well, I was losing 3 -4 pounds a week and finding it pretty easy to stick to but that all stopped 3 weeks ago. I haven't lost anything since. I haven't cheated, have been exercising more than normal (not a great deal but had thrown in a few 6 mile walks to get moving), upped my water intake thinking it may be water retention (as I stopped losing when my last period came - surely this can't still be having an effect?) I still have plenty to lose (50+ pounds) and am still showing in ketosis. What could I be doing wrong. I'm running out of will power and if it wasn't for the success stories on here I'd probably give up! HELP! :cry:
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Hello there Luckyme :)

Well if you look at my stats I had a couple of bad weeks and it took all my willpower to keep going because I was becoming really downhearted but I kept telling myself that I will give it one more week and the last 2 weeks it is as though my body has suddenly woken up to become a fat burning machine again!
Why the slowdown/stall I have no idea but I kept getting that old tape measure out so that when the scales were not moving I could confirm that the inches were still shrinking.

So my advice would be tha remember the weight is not always the whole story, the numbers may still be moving down elsewhere. ;)

Love Myr xxx


The Diet Guy

I had a couple of weeks in a row when I reduced when the scales froze but my clothes started to fall off me.

Keep doing the diet as you should and it is impossible not to trim and slim down, my only advice is not to overdo the exercise and try and keep to toning/conversational exercise like swimming, yoga, pilates, walking, bike riding etc.

Keep on the track and promise the scales will start to move again.

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First of all, if you are doing it right, it is impossible not to lose something. However 'weight' is actually a terribly crude measure of er, losing weight. IYSWIM.

Best thing to be doing is to cover all bases - weight, measurements every few weeks, and be using some of them new-fangled scales that do muscle mass, etc. Cos when one type of measurement stalls, you usually find the others are still showing results.

You your fluid levels may still be adjusting a bit after TOTM, in the meantime you may still be losing fat. it doesn't take much water to measure 1lb. You may have lost so much your body might be adjusting and having a bit of a 'catchup'. (Happens to us all, best way to describe it.)

You haven't mentioned whether you're having your add-a-meal weeks - If not, one might be just the thing to give your metabolism a kick up the jacksi.

We're not machines, and we don't lose weight in a linear fashion, sometimes odd things happen for no reason whatsoever. And it seems with VLCD, the extreme nature of the diet only amplifies freak results - even the negative ones.

You ask us what's the cause - and while we can fling random ideas about, I'm afraid none of us can tell you definitively, (we're neither medics nor psychics ;) ) you might have to try and work it out for yourself. Definitely give it another week though.

Best of luck. :)
Thanks for all your posts and advice. I suppose all I really wanted to hear was that it is quite normal and I shouldn't worry so thanks for settling my mind! I have had one add a meal week at week five but maybe another will help as Miss Demeanour said. Can't do any harm!

Looking forward to posting/reading more posts on here over the coming months and will hopefully be able to pass on helpful advice like you three have. You're all an inspiration to me.

Thanks again!


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I am in the same position as you lucky
only 2lbs, then 1lb last week
this week I have added meal as I have been on holiday with my Mum & Hubby
we will see, as I could not get out to exercise, as I felt guilty leaving my mum, but did my best
I think I will put on!
I am still solid for this diet, am determined, I take each day at a time


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S: 14st8lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(30.39%)
Actually, to edit my last post
I have had a sneaky weigh 5 days after my official weigh in, and I have lost 3 lbs so far this week!

So maybe a good idea to do an add a meal week
( note that I do 2 exante items per day and a meal- I just don't seem to fit time in for that 3rd meal, or feel the need to ?)
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Dont give up, when you feel like giving up come on here and look at all of the great success that people on here have made!
we all have down weeks, i've come to think of it as its my body catching up with my weight loss...

what the other ladies say about measuring yoursef also that is a very good idea! then you can also see the inches lost.

good luck!


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Dont give up keep going xx


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Hi I'm doing Cambridge, but I've had exactly the same thing and I agree with Mike, the scales didn't move but I definitely lost weight because my clothes were suddenly a lot bigger. It evens out in the end, and it will pick up. It's hard to stay motivated when this happens, but stick with it and you'll be back on to a losing streak again very soon!! xx
I am officially a drama queen :eek:. I did my w/i on Monday and had finally lost 5lbs and have already lost a further 2lbs since........confidence in diet totally restored and the little "halt in proceedings" was well worth it for the 7lb drop in just over a week! So glad I stuck to it - thanks so much for all the comments which kept me focused. You all seem to be doing so well; it's amazing how far this diet takes you in such a short time. Thanks again all x
S: 132.1kg C: 132.1kg G: 100kg Loss: 0kg(0%)
Good - It just happens like that sometimes. There's something in the 'your body catching up a bit' hypothesis, but I still can't think of a scientific basis for it though. Dunno, one of the mysteries of the universe. It shouldn't happen like that, but it does...

I'm glad (and utterly relieved TBH!) that your faith in our ramblings was rewarded. :)

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