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Whats my problem :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Charisma, 13 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i vowed to carry on with slimming world after the weekend cause i had a binge and ive carried on exercising, but i still cant get back on it. i keep goingg to the kitchen and eating what i know i shudnt. im not sure if its lack of motivation or the fact it hasnt worked atall yet. but its really gettin me down and i feel so fat all the time!! :mad:
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  3. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    maybe you're not in the right frame of mind to lose weight?

    go shopping and stock up on loads of free foods, healthy extras and low sin snacks. get rid of all junk food and plan your meals.
  4. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    maybe you have fallen into my head. im like this all the time! the guys on here always give me great advise all the time but my head just isnt in it all the time. see my thread 'needs someone and general chit chat" for the great advise they give me. but at the end of the day its up to you no one else can do it for you and you need to want it enough to think "no stop, i want to look sexy and feel healthy so i dont need that"

    good luck
  5. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    thats how i do feel i feel like i want it so much but cant get there :confused: i look at all these clothes and think i want to be able to wear stuff like that and feel great about myself. i just have such low self esteem i think deep down its cause ive always been this way so cant see it changing.
  6. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    you need to be more posative (sorry i cant spell for toffee)

    what have you lost so far?
  7. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    absolutly nothing!! thats the point. when i first started i was tryin to eat healthy and cut down portion sizes. then i did slimming world for about 2 weeks and everyone was raving about how they lost 5 pounds or watever in the first week andi had lost nothin so i gave up. its been a good 2 months now and ive not lost a single thing.
  8. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    when you lost nothing in that first week and gave up, did you still keep eating healthy or did you just give up all together?
  9. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    well i carried on healthy for abit but this week its got me so down ive just been eating everything and anything.
  10. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    the thing i find with SW is if i have a bad week it tends to show 2 week later, so if you didnt loose in the first week it could just be cos your like me and need 2 weeks for your body to give in to the healthy food.

    do you go to group? did you take your food diary in to show your consultant just in case you were doing something wrong that you didnnt realise?

    the problem is we have trained our bodies for all these years to store fat and enjoy the bad things in life and its hard to re train our bodys even if our minds want to. give yourself time to adjust, the good thing about SW is you dont have to give anything up totally just syn value it.

    come on, give it a nother serious go for 1 month, just 1 month for me. when ever you feel down or like you want to eat just think H A L T which means are you, hungry, angry, lonely or tired. if your hungry then have some free food that will actually provide fuel for your body and fill you up...not a bun or crisps. if hunger isnt the problem then food isnt the answer.

    your body only need fuel for what its doing, if your sat down all day (like me) you dont need tons and tons of food cos your body isnt burning it, your body doesnt need it, its just your emotions that make you think it does. your in charge of your body no your emotions.

    come on do it properly for a month and if you need to talk or keep your hands busy then come on here.

    you can do it, really you can!
  11. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    hmm that helps, i will give it another try for a month, (which obviously if it does work by then i will carry on). see i cant afford to go to the classes so i do it on my own i was doing a food diary tho which seemed to be fine. i know the reasons i would break it are that im hungry and bored, and if nothing is in the house the usual answer is 'mcdonalds, pizza hut' etc. and i do find it hard always having alot of free foods in the house cause its only me that eats it so OH wudnt usualy buy it. ill have to stick a pic on the fridge for motivation. how well have you done on SW so far?? how do you stop from giving into temptation??
  12. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    sorry whats OH?

    iv been doing it for a year and have got to target after loosing one stone and a half. i was never massive to start off with but didnt want to get bigger and thought that 13stone was pushing it a bit for me.

    how do i stop giving in to temptation....ha ha if you read my thread you will see i dont really, im rubbish at it, i do try with piccies on the fridge, making my fella take his choc biccies to work with him so they are not in the house, rememberin why i started in the first place. i also wear a red elastice band round my wrist with the words' HALT' on one side and ' your choice' on the other so when i reach for the 'goodies' i see it and it just stops me for a few seconds and makes me think. i have an extreame sweet tooth and im not very good at stoping it, of course when im in the SW frame of mind i can go with out sweet naughty stuff and replace it will sweet good stuff like muller lights, grapes, frozen fruit and yoghurt etc etc and the longer you go with out naughty sweet things the less you want it, honest.

    this site is great for giving you a kick up the bum but at the end of the day you have to face up to it yourself, you must be depressed or un happy to have even bothered to start SW and come on here in the first place, so grab hold of your life and do somethign about it. after all it is only food, nothing more, just fuel for the body packaged in diffrent ways, its your choice which sort of foodyou choose, bad food will mean your always going to feel this way, good food means you will feel fitter, happier and wonder why you didnt do it earlier.

  13. El Nino

    El Nino Full Member

    Slimming World
    that is a great positive post from monkey bunny!

    Do you have the books from the class? I find reading them can help, also try and do something to keep your hands occupied so they can't eat, knitting, sewing anything really...

    I do know that you will only lose weight if YOU really want to and are in the right frame of mind, I have been where you are now and know exactly how you feel. If you possible could squeeze the money together to get to class I think that would help you loads (easy to say I know). Could your GP help, I know some slimming classes can be free through the Dr. It's worth asking....

    There are loads of peope on here who can help, so pop on the boards everytime you feel like eating and you will be talked out of it or at least have your mind taken off things for a while.

    Good luck Charisma

    Charls x
  14. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Hiya I am the same as monkeys bunny I find that after a couple of weeks eating healthy foods I tend to crave them foods. If I eat rubbish foods for more than a few weeks I crave it more. You need to give it time like you said.:) Good Luck....
  15. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    thanks guys this really has helped. i dont usuay crave the naughty food unless boyfriend has bought it and kept it in cupboard while hes gone to work. its when i know its there that i want it. i would love to get into a set way of eating healthy like it is acctualy what i want, say if i went out for a meal that i only want to get something healthy and not even think of the unhealthy. but i guess i ask for too much there ay. i do spend a good portion of my day on here lol as i dont work at the moment. thats why i have started doing my exercise dvd cause im at home i think 'hey i might aswell so it its only an hour out of my day that i do nothing else with'. one thing i do really worry about is im looking for a job at the moment, what if i start doing well then i find it hard to adjust when i start working?? im worried ill have to stop it and gain again
  16. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    If only losing weight was as easy as putting it on.
  17. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    slimming world
    when you find a job you adapt SW to fit into it, its a life plan not a diet. if you get stuck we are here to help you out
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  19. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    my mum used to say its alot easier to put it on that it is to get it off and i thought 'nah thatll never be me, ill never be in that situation' but i sure do know it now!!

    Thank you :) it always helps when you have people here to ask
  20. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    i didn't realise you weren't going to class. if i was you i'd try and go for a month, then if you feel you've got the hang of it and can do it alone, then go for it. i definately think you need to join a class to start with instead of struggling for weeks and weeks and weeks. your consultant should be able to spot why you aren't losing...it won't be the plan that's the problem, it could just be a small mistake in what you're eating or something you're not aware of.
  21. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    yeh if u think it will help that much i might try it.
  22. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    well you've said you've been doing it on and off for a while and that must be soooooooo disheartening. the plan works and for someone to follow it and not lose ever means something is going wrong.

    look on the SW site and join a class tommorrow ;)
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