whats on the menu today?


Slimming for my children
I had x2 crumpets with flora light (7 syns) for bfast

lunch will be quorn bolognaise with spaghetti.

Snacks are - choc and vanilla muller, an apple and 2 satsumas

Dinner will either be jacket beans and cheese or left over pasta home made syn free sauce with pasta but not sure if i should have two lots of pasta foods in one day?

any thoughts? and what are you all having?
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i had scrambled eggs and toast for breakie
will have pasta and sacue and 2 bowyers sausages for lunch
tea is beef and noodles from sw mag
doing extra easy
there are some days when i do have pasta for lunch and tea and dont have any adverse side effects lol


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Ive had a plate of scrambled eggs and ham, Ive got tesco chicken tikka chunks for lunch with low fat mayo and a brown roll with some baby bels

Have got some chopped up apples grapes pineapple and a muller light for snacks

tea is a surprise as hubby is making it, hope its edible lol!!!


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Had an activia & Weetabix Crunchy Bran for breakfast (HexB + 3syns) and just had a banana for a snack. B/F is making lamb curry for dinner so I'm just kind of keeping hunger at bay using free food and fruit during the day rather than eating too much as I'm sure dinner won't be totally S/W. I'm looking forward to it... never mind lamb curry (yum!!) but I don't have to cook! Hoorah!


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Brekkie was a banana and custard muller light and a banana

Lunch - Absolutly no idea prob just a pack of ham as gonna be in town

Dinner - Shepards pie made the slimming world way!


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im having
B= poached egg,bacon,mushroom
L=morrisons salad bar stuff- defo no mayo covered stuff!!-just had lettuce,cue,carrot,boiled egg,beetroot
T=noodles,stir fry,chicken
snacking on muller (still on offer on morrisons) and bananas
im doing EE again


Slimming for my children
todays menu is breakfast. x2 crumpets with low fat flora. lunch is left over quorn spag bol with hexb cheese. snacks will be apple, yoghurt and satsuma's. dinner will be veg with roast potatoes, quorn minted lamb with parsnips and gravy and mint sauce! i can't wait. x


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Red day for me - Breakfast was 3 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, 2 tomatoes and 2 slices small bread
Lunch will be cottage cheese, salad, banana and yoghurt
For Dinner I am slow cooking a turkey curry with loads of veg in it and I will syn a mini naan bread for 7 syns to go with it. I'll use my other HEXB for supper, either toast or a cereal bar.
I'm hungry now!!!!


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Breakfast was 2 weetabix and milk HEX A/B, lunch was SW canneloni made with mince and tea will be roast chicken, mash and veg and this is a diet lol!


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Breakfast/Lunch - bacon, egg, tomatoes, sausages
Dinner - Chilli con carne and rice
Snacks - muller light chocolate mmmmmmmmm

and some vodka and diet coke xxxx


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Brunch - Quorn sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatos and mushrooms done in Frylight
Dinner - Homemade SW burgers on a wholemeal roll (HEX B), topped with Laughing Cow EL Triangles or 28g grated cheed (HEX A), huge salad. Followed by lemon icecream (from this mths mag) - 1.5 syns and strawberries.
Snacks - Kiwi fruit and satsumas
I will probably use my other HEX B for a Hi-fi bar later in front of the TV and have used the other HEX A for milk!!


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breakfast/lunch was 3 slices of ww brown danish toasted, 1 ww sausage (0.5 syns), 3 rashers of healthy bacon, ketchup (1 syn?) a poached egg, beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. It was a huge plateful!

snacks: fruit and yogurt.

dinner: boil in the bag beef, sw roast potatoes, brocolli and carrots followed by a yogurt.

I did EE yesterday as well, and we went out for a curry Friday night so I hope I don't gain this week!


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i havent eaten that much today!!

I had boiled egg and toast with low fat spread (1.5 syns) and a muller light for brunch

and i just had 100g of oven chips for tea (2.5 syns)

Thinking of treating myself to a bag of walkers baked and a glass of wine now :)