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Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Dohnuts, 17 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Hey guys! So sometimes I think everyone just feels like letting out some random thought or emotion or worry whether it's about their weight loss or life or anything! They had a thread like this on another forum I used to use and I found it good just to be able to blurt out whatever was in my head, whether I was mega happy or troubled or just thinking about something totally random. Anyway! If there's anything on your mind here's the place to share it! At the moment what's on my mind is that I have a huuuuge craving for a pack of malted milk, but they are not on the Dukan list, so I must cast that thought away as quickly as possible XD Happy thought sharing! xx
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  3. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    I'm really starting to hate tuna...u.u
  4. StepUpFairy

    StepUpFairy METAAAAAL!!

    Hey! Liking the thread idea :)

    Hmmmm....well at the mo am just hoping the snow stays away tonight so I can go to the gym nicely tomorrow :eek: gonna dread looking oot the window when I wake up!

    Apart from that, just thinking about Saturday as am off to my 'rents for the evening/night ^_^

    And noooooooo to the tuna! :D I had it for dinner earlier as Aldi FINALLY decided restocked their frozen tuna steaks :p
  5. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Blasted snow! True, it looks lovely from your bedroom window when you wake up in the morning, but when you have to trudge two miles in it to Uni looking like Bambi, it doesn't seem so lovely...
  6. Rose Bud

    Rose Bud Full Member

    I like this thread. I'm ill this week, just a nasty flu but I'm feeling very sorry for myself all the same. All I want to do is sleep!
    Also my little house is quite a mess atm but I really don't feel like cleaning so it'll have to wait till tomorrow now :) No snow where I am, I'm jealous!
  7. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    One week down, seven to go...nothing good comes without a bit of hard work!
  8. 19JB87

    19JB87 Full Member

    Wedding plans, money stuff, work, weight loss, the urge to go swimming at stupid times of the day ... the usual! :confused:
  9. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    Sale of house, purchase of new house, whether to up my calories & lastly wondering why I've started shedding more hair than a yeti lately! :)
  10. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Great. After getting annoyed that I waited around 2 hours for 2 classes that had been cancelled due to snow on Friday, I now find that both of the classes had NOT been cancelled, but that one had been moved (thanks for the email - not!) while the institute where the other class took place was not in fact closed, but simply locked, and I needed a code to get in which nobody told me about (thanks for the heads up - not!) Uff I am not psychic!
  11. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    worst day ever. no weight loss, total embarrassment at uni and topped off by being unable to talk to my boyfriend on Skype, the one thing that could have cheered me up. the world doesn't like me very much today...
  12. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Love this thread.

    Lost a fair amount but can't see it. Stress over exams I don't think I've done well in. Sick of wheetabix and salad.
  13. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Hit my 10lb milestone this morning! Lost 2.6lbs in 4 days! Over the moon ♥
  14. chub2slim

    chub2slim Member

    How am I supposed to control my emotional over eating when the man i loved has gone from soul mate to stranger :(
  15. Tessa2000

    Tessa2000 Silver Member

    Hello chubs. Sorry to hear your difficult situation. Not sure what to say. Just didn't want to ignore the post. Hope you're ok.
  16. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Soooo tired but have too much work to sleep :( can't wait to see the fam next week but it means I've got to get all my work done early plus I gotta get in an hours walk and so from 10am to 12am it's work work work with small gaps in between for eating. I'd better get a 2:1 for this...
  17. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    happy happy happy :D working constantly all day every day feeling absolutely nackered there just aren't enough hours in the day! but things couldn't be better
  18. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Terrified of a gain this week. Just haven't coped with routine change
  19. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Ever just have a really crappy day where you feel like you're doing it all for nothing and despite the fact that you've lost 11lbs you just feel like you don't look that different and that you're still at square one so you wonder is the effort really worth it? Even when there's no point in thinking like that anyway because if you did suddenly let yourself go and started eating bread or chocolate or cake you just would not be able to stop and then you really would be back to square one. I just feel like no matter how hard I keep pushing and trying that I'm never going to get there. I hate these days I wish they would pass.
  20. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Finally broke through my plateau, hit the 15lb milestone, lost over a stone, got a date tonight and haven't been given another essay to add to the list! Loving life today :))
  21. Afsana

    Afsana Full Member

    Im on the cambridge diet ss/ss+ iv lost 10pounds so far its been 3weeks the problem is i just had some red meat and butternut squash now im really worried whats going to happen to my plan and what the scales will say on monday... Hate this guilty feeling really want to do this but cant seem to stay 100% motivated??? :-(

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