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What's the latest I should be eating at night?


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I'm interested to see the replies to this also, I get cravings at about 11pm for porridge and my wii fit informed me the other day most food eaten after 9pm goes to fat :cry:


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i dont care what time i eat, if i have points left and i fancy something at 10pm then ill have it. i would just see it as using your points allowance over 24hrs not 12 iyswim?


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theres some truth in that but not alot.... you metabolism is ALOT slower at night time because our body shuts down in readiness for sleep, so as you are unlikely to be using the energy from the food u eat at night , it is going to be stored.


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There is still ongoing debate about whether or not your metabolism slows down at night and for what reasons it does so (if it does). There is also ongoing debate regarding the actual impact this has on weight gain/loss.

I would say that you have to treat any 'don't eat after 6pm' advice with a pinch of salt just as you would with 'drink green tea it boosts metabolic rate' etc.

As long as you stick with your points you should be fine to eat whenever you like - the WW lifestyle is designed to be reduced calories and saturated fat anyway.

Everyone has different lifestyles and fit the plan around what works for them - for some this means not eating late at night - I tend to be the opposite and don't eat much during the day but do eat at night. Whatever works for you is best - you don't want to end up feeling deprived and then having a binge (if you're prone to that) just because you wanted a banana at 8pm and didn't have it.


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hi stacey l eat last meal around 6 but usually keep back pts for snack with coffee at 9 its just a personal thing like to sit down and relax after Jacks bath and bedtime story


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i dont care what time i eat, if i have points left and i fancy something at 10pm then ill have it. i would just see it as using your points allowance over 24hrs not 12 iyswim?
yeah ditto i often eat quite late and as long as its within my points and its never done me any harm but everybody different i suppose :) xx
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I eat roughly around 6-8pm and then have a snack an hour after my main meal - so usually at the latest 9pm. Gives me a chance to digest whatever it is and if there is any truth in the slowing metabolic rate then I'm not doing too much damage.

However, I would definitely take it with a pinch of salt - points are there to be used, so use them whenever :) xxx


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I work shifts so can be eating at anytime during the day or night. I count the day from the time I get up until the time I go to bed and eat my points within that time.

I think eating late is a personal preference, its does cause some people indigestion problems but other than that eat away - within points of course.
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Thanks for the replies ladies :)
I aim to have eaten dinner between 6 & 7 but it's normally nearer 9pm when I start getting cravings for a little treat.

Stacey x


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sugar free jelly is the answer fpr my cravings :)


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I eat between 5-7pm.. im up since 5-6am with the kids so suits me perfect.


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I tend to have something whenever i want it. My dietician told me before christmas that it didn't matter when you ate because it all gets burned at the same rate. The same thing was mentioned at group so thats good enough for me.


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My dinner time depends on what time I am working out that night, sometimes I don't eat until 8pm. Other times its 5pm. If I am doing a 6pm spin class, I eat after, if I am going to an 8pm spin class then I eat early. I always save points for late night treats too. I have always done this, it def never affected my weightloss as I lost weight quickly. I exercise most eves tho so I suppose that increases my metabolism in the eve anyway, who knows!


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I have my tea around 5.30- 6.30. Then a snack once wee ones in bed, usually about 9ish and once again its the sugar free jelly. Yummy stuff.

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