What's with all these bruises!?


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Honestly, it's getting stupid now!

I have SIXTEEN bruises just on the top half of my legs! Yes, I can be a little clumsy and the biggest of them is from walking into a bed, but I just have no idea where most of them came from. I know I read somewhere that a few people on LL notice they are bruising. Is this because I have less cushioning now or what?

Perhaps I should wrap myself in bubblewrap from now on!?

B x
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hi beki , hope your well x , i have a few of these as well , i have also noticed that if i am lying on the sofa in the evening chilling out i now tend to be less comfortable due to me having a bit less padding than i am used to :D


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I've not noticed any more bruising than normal, I'm always walking into things as well. I did notice that my gums have been bleeding this week, not nice.

NB, I know what you mean about having less padding. Sitting in the bath was painful the other evening because I've found my seat bones and snuggling up to the OH takes some effort to get comfy because I feel so bony all of a sudden.


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Urgh I know what you mean I don't know why but I'm suddenly bruising really easily grr. Got a huge bruise on each leg just below my bum *owww*. I feel your pain lol.

Emma xXx


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so it looks as though a few of us have the bruising then ! oh well , i would rather be all bruised than this size all my life :)


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I too am bruising like a peach at the moment!! Funny the things you get with this diet!!


nearly there!! :)
yup im covered in bruises, in really weird places to (have one on the soul of my foot ha) also cant sit on the chairs in my kitchen any more my ass is to bony haha!! and finding it hard to lie against oh my shoulders dig in him!!lol
hoping the longer im smaller ill grow into them without the weight lol!!!


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I found I bruised loads in foundation but during development it wasn't so bad. Have found when I lie on my side in bed now my knee bones knock together and really hurt! Plus my bum is particularly bony as well but I'm not complaing, there's still a little something to grab onto!

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And I thought it was just me!
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who bruises easily on this diet.