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Whats with the psychotic urge?

:eek: Errrm just lately whilst on the old lipotrim I've had some mad psychotic moments wanting to snatch a sandwich out of someones hands and ram it down my throat or to raid the chippy, or eat a block of cheese.....its so funny after when I think about it but at the time its just pure lust over food....and nothing but nothing is going to get in the way I'm quite overcome! Luck would have it that i've managed not to do the dirty deed and stayed clean but omg what an urge it is, i mean its not like i'm going to die if I didn't have that particular food.

Its ok i'm quite normal most the time....:D
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Aww you made me laugh. I felt like that last night when OH was eating fish, chips and bread and butter, I felt like snatching the bread from him......but thankfully I didn't.
I know, sometimes i'm fine watch people eat and then on the odd occaision I could commit a henious crime!!!!


I'm losing it big time !!
Hehe it's mad isn't it, I'm not even hungry but I still get the urges, my sons having a chippy tea and I could kill him for it. I'm not giving in either I have to do this, I can do this, I will do this..........
God I totally agree! Met a friend for coffee yesterday, I had just had my 'lovely' shake, I was filled up on water, and was quite happy with my black coffee, but when she ordered a big slice of carrott cake with cream, I was soooo tempted to dive across the table and gobble it up in one go, then pour the cream over my coffee, happily I resisted! But yeah, are definently times when I have to tell myself to calm down, and step away from the food! It's not like I even feel hungry, just miss the actual process of eating, and having different flavours. Prob serves me right for being such a comfort eater all my life :)
You will do it play doll! keep that spirit up and they weight will fall off. Mmmm sitting next to family eating tea...jacket pot, salad and veggie kiev....hey ho
<<< yup comfort eater here, lol thats the mantra ' loulou stand away from the lovely people eating there food and minding there own business' hehe
oh God I had this last saturday when my hubby made the most delicious looking spag bol. He had 2 blimmin bowfuls. The first bowl was painful to watch but the second bowl was horrendous - i was so close to pulling it out of his hand and tipping it down my throat!

I am so glad its not just me....lol. Phew, thought i was ready for the nut house :8855:
LMFAO, OH is out and bubs in bed (bless) i was just sitting here thinking of how i could eat a whole cooked chicken thats in the fridge :eek: i mean going through bit by bit on what to cut first and what bit to eat, then looked at the tin of heros we have still sitting half full under he coffee table from xmas :eek:
soooo many temptations around, but i can only think of the weight loss already :p


Here we go again!
Just had that feeling this evening. My hubby had KFC and my daughter had McDonalds. Can't believe I sat there and had a shake while they tucked in. It smelt so good too! Glad I didn't give in tho!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I'm constantly battling against food at the moment, day 5 restart. I have taken a spicy chicken breast out of the freezer to cook for myself :sigh: then at the last minute after a shake put it back. I wish I could go to sleep for a couple of months, this diet lark is sooooo hard!

Just come back from popping into a party, lots of booze, cocktails. :eek:Lots of lovely samosa's and titbits. I had 2 glasses of water in 2hours. How good is that! Now I'm back home I'm STARVING, think I might go to bed!:cry:
lol hey, i'm human......yippeeeeeeeeeeeee! the rest of you are barking mad as well!!!....hehe, but hey everytime we resist it makes us stronger and then these urges get less and less and then eventually and hopefully (yes we will she says) we'll have learnt a life long skill of eating sensibly.....and staying healthy, slim and able to get into size 8/10/12/14 frocks that make us smile. And there the sermon ends........
It was my friend's birthday today and we went over after work to find not one, not two, but three birthday cakes up for grabs. One was chocolate fudge and the other was one that her mum had made - this huge cake covered in Betty Crocker vanilla frosting with a checkerboard of vanilla and chocolate sponge, covered in sprinkles - my god it looked divine. I wasn't even hungry but noticed myself fazing out of the conversation and just staring at the cake on plates. :(
oh my, well see theres another triumph for you to tuck under your belt, well done, bet you could have thrown your face in hehe.
Definitely lol. Luckily once I'm finally on the diet I'm on the diet!! lol Not gonna risk it for a slice of cake, even if it did look like it was baked by angels! hehe

Well we've all done so well by not giving in. Just remember, a few weeks without food followed by many many years of looking and feeling fabulous.

I totally sympathise with wishing I could just hibernate for a few weeks until it's all over though! How nice would that be - to just wake up thin!! :D
I feel like that getting stronger as days go by, work days are easier its the weekend I struggle with, but def stronger day by day
Weekends are always so hard at first but after the third or fourth week you just become used to it. I distracted myself last weekend by watching a whole season of Desperate Housewives back to back lol. Keep yourself occupied and fill your time and tummy with water. Saying that, I would still count the hours to my shake even at week 11 at the weekends lol
Last night was probably one of my worst nights for cravings food, I went through the list from onions to gateaux and I fancied everything. I was good though and didnt eat or drink anything.

The one thing I did though was smell a tub of dairylea soft cheese for about a minute before I went to bed, it smelt AMAZING.
Thankfully I am back to normal this morning and not addicted to smelling cheese.

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