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Whats your fav inspirational movie and why?



Lovin' those ketones!!
Hiya Julzie!

Dunno about fave... but there is a film I saw recently which was fantastic - "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" - have you heard of it?

It's a French film (subtitled) about the true story of a man who wakes up one day to find he is completely paralysed and only able to wink one eye, which is his only way of communicating with the outside world. Despite this, the guy writes a book about his experiences, by winking out each letter to form each word... and it's this book that the film is based on.

Don't get the wrong idea though - I know this sounds grim but the main character has such a wicked sense of humour that it lifts the film from being maudlin to being uplifting and inspirational. And funny! :D

Worth a look if you don't mind subtitles! :D



a new way of living!
I love coyte ugly! fav girly movie! ass kicking.
Borat, to get me lmfao!
Something about Mary ditto.
City Of Angels - all loved up (but sad too).
Dead poet society - live life etc... also robin williams reading of walt whitman is classic literature! (sorry being a nerd here) but i love it.
Bridget Jones - needs no explanation
Love actualy - seeing hugh grant dance to 'jump' lmao
ooohhh so many i love loads of films!


a new way of living!
saw wall-e yesterday and that was really good, loved it.


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I loved p.s. I love you! I expected it to be a let down after the book but they are both as brill as each other!

50 first dates is a funny film

Borat makes me want to poke my eyes out with a hot rod!! Grrrr
"Borat makes me want to poke my eyes out with a hot rod!! Grrrr"

lol. Ps I love you makes me feel like that!! Loved the book though!!


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damn closed window, by accident!! ok here goes again
P.S. I love you - hardcore chickflick
Green Mile
Bucket List
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
one i used to watch as a kid and never got tired of was King Ralph
Mary Poppins come on you know you all love it!! come to think about it can't really go wrong with disney.
then you got the classics, Godfather trillogy, Casino and everything else of that era.
too many to go through,
urm another chick flick made of honor that wasn't too bad, the wife loved it!
comedy can't go wrong with adam sandler films, he is too funny! the 'You don't mess with the Zohan' is too funny!!
there so much to go through!! will stop here though


a new way of living!
ooh yeah green mile was excellent, and shawshank redemption, lock stock and two smokin barrels, Leon. leathel weapon movies.

want to hibernate with dvd collection now!


Lovin' those ketones!!
Shawshank Redemption is fantastic... love that movie. Loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as well. :D

Amelie is a great film and La Vie en Rose (sorry, world cinema again! I can't help it - I usher at an Arts Cinema at weekends! :D).

I loved Once as well, such a lovely film with beautiful music.



Call me Nicky xx
I love Pay it forward. it's a simple concept of doing a good deed for another but rather than giving a good deed back to the same person you do it for someone else. Lovely Film..
The Piano - shows that people are programmed to do one thing but can be led by their soul to make the right decision.

Utterly heartbreaking film xx


Eloquent hooligan
Anything by Ben Dover :D Always 'inspiring' ;)


Eloquent hooligan
Actually.... here's a few real ones...

Le Grand Bleu (amazing score by Eric Serra too)

Harold & Maude (grew up with this film & Cat Stevens... the last 10 mins set to Trouble always get me)


Cashback (seek it out - small independant British film & beautiful)

It's A Wonderful Life

Dead Poets Society

All totally inspirational & life-affirming :)


a new way of living!
yeah amilie, pay it forward both rock. beautiful mind, powder (weird albino guy with special powers) phenomonon (john travolta) evita, saw wanted and hancock recently, both good, minority report (shame tom cruise is an ass) and the matrix movies.

i love sci fi's too like A.I. and iRobot.


please try again
i am sam
film about a man with learning disabilitys who fathers a child and raises her for the courts to take her away as they say hes not smart enough to raise her as shes a bright kid so he takes classes to help his learning so she could come back home


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Shawshank...with the wonderful Morgan Freeman.

A Beautiful Mind...with Russel Crowe...based on a true story about a mathematical genius who has a split personality....who eventually won a nobel prize.

Face Off. Just love the acting of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

Chick flick...Bridget Jones...Just because.

Angela's Ashes. (the books better).

Schindlers List...although it was very sad it restorred my faith in humanity that this guy would risk everything to try and save lives. What an amazing human being he was.

Stupid comedies....Anger Management...LOVE IT, Dodgeball - LOVE IT, Anchorman...with the legendary Ron Burgendy LOL, The Wedding Crashers.

As you can see I like lots of very different types of films.


please try again
my fave films are
10 things i hate about you
lion king ( can you tell i have kids? )
finding nemo
longest yard ( adam sandler version )
john q ( real life story about a man whos son goes into heart failure at a little leauge game but cos he has no medical insurance they refuse to do a heart transplant so he holds the er hostage


Says it as it is!!!
Miss congeniality or any sandra bullock film...i think she is fab, naturally beautiful and sooo chuffing funny ...she just has the wow factor!!!
if i was a bloke i'd marry her:)

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