What's your inspiration / Goal?


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just been reading through some previous posts and decided that i need not only to have a target for xmas (becaise that's not enough for me!)

I've decided that i would like to look good for my birthday.

I have 13 weeks until my b'day so could look to be between 13lb and 26lb lighter, if i go for 2lb a week i will be about 3lb off my target weight. i think that could be quite hard but am going to go for it.

Would be well happy being 13lb lighter tho!

What's your goal/ motivation?

Missal x
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I would personally LOVE to be down to 9stone, maybe the higher end of 8 stone by my birthday too, in March. I just so badly want the confidence to stand happy and proud.

Thing is, in my heart of hearts i know i could do both those things the size i am now, but i feel like i'm seeking confidence in the slimmer me i used to be.
I want to end the year at least within what is considered to be a healthy weight range.

Then after that I want to be in a bit more of a safe weight rather than constantly hovering around the border of healthy/overweight.

I can tell that my liver is much happier when I'm not drinking and when I'm not eating as much fat too, so that's a real inspiration. I'm not yet at the point where anyone has noticed that I'm any thinner but I can see some of my stomach fat/bloating is going down (I'm probably only about five months pregnant looking rather than seven!)


My goal changes quite a bit.
In an ideal world I would love to be between 9.5 and 10st but know that is quiet a way off. I want to be 10st 13 by xmas (so im 10st something!) which is 6lbs away so hopefully achieveable. I have also set another goal for valentines day which is to be between 10st and 10st 7lbs, I think the que to stop will be dress size, i have gone from 18 to 14 and will stop ehn i am a comfortable 12!
Good luck everyone - I have had three comments at work now and it feels good!

Ck xx

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20/09/08 - 12st 4 lbs -2
27/09/08 - 12st 3lbs -1
04/10/08 - 12st 3lbs STS
11/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs -4.5
18/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs - STS
25/10/08 - 11st 11lbs -1.5
31/10/08 - 11st 9.5lbs -1.5 [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot]
[FONT=&quot]07/11/08 - 11st 7lbs -2.5
14/11/08 - [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]11st 6.8 lbs - 0.2 [/FONT]
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Hi I am going on holiday in January and I might meet a friend that I have not seen for over 7 years. Since than I have put on a 3 stone. So I would love to loose at least 2 stone before the 17/01/09 which is only about 8 weeks away and including Xmas. Must do it :eek: can not let him to see me like this.


11 stone for April 2009

If I was somewhere closer to 11st than 12 I would be thrilled. Pre-baby I was quite content at just under 11st and a size 12 so any weight loss after 11st would be a bonus.


Slowly but surely!
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I had 17st 11lbs to loose in total and so decided to give myself mini goals, I wanted to loose 3st 11lbs by October next year and have lost nearly a stone of that already! I would really love to hit the 16st mark by new year as havent been under 17st since before my children, that means I have 12lbs to loose in 5 weeks :(


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My Goal is to loose another stone by middle of January for my holiday, and then loose another 2 stone to be around 9 by April next year when I hit 21.

I Can't wait, I have always been chubby as long as I remember and this time it's different, I will succeed!

My Holiday Target - 14 lbs in 7 Weeks - 2lb a week.
My Overall Target - get down to 9 Stone

Lost So Far From April 2008 - 20 lbs - Healthy Eating Only
SF Week 1 = -1lb (Slow and Steady wins the race)
SF Week 2 =
SF Week 3 =
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S: 13st5lb G: 10st0lb
My goal is to lose 2 or 3 stone by April when i go on holiday.. I always said it would take me at least 2 yrs, and that would be probably right.


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What fabulous goals everybody!

I am aiming to get to 11 stone 2 (3 stone loss) by my wedding in March and will hopefully drop a further stone afterwards. However I am aiming for a nice 10/12 dress size rather than a definate weight.