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What's your motivation?

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
Mine would be the prospect of getting married next year or my best friends wedding or having babies next year yet none of these seem to keep me on track.

Went food shopping yesterday and bought all the good stuff, but then i get doritos and hazelnut galaxy and i can't just eat 1 pack or one peice so i scoff it and then feel terrible after but i'll do it again a few days later.

I guess its habit, having never really stuck to a diet for longer then a week, i'm struggling.

What is your motivation and does it keep me motivated?
How did you break or control your unhealthy eatingness?
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I control mine by either not shopping hungry or by shopping online. That way the tempting foods are not in my eyeline and I am a very visual eater...I like food that looks good! So if I don't see it, I don't buy it, if I don't buy it it isn't in the house and then I don't eat it x
Also it may seem very American but if you see pictures in magazines that motivate you, a dress you like, a body you would like to have- cut it out and stick it on a motivation board or somewhere near your kitchen or where you exercise. I also watch those fat to fit type programmes, they always reinforce why I want to do this... x
Remember that all habits can be broken, all addictions can be conquered too...you just have to give yourself a break, make a promise to yourself and keep it. x
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I imagine myself slim and try and hold onto the image - I am trying to lose baby weight and want to be slim before I go back to work - i have lots of little slips but i dont completely fall off the wagon the way i used to - i think i find it easier to forgive myself and move on. You can do it hun:happy096:
Ok, controlling my bad eating habits is something I haven't mastered yet - but I'm getting there - one day at a time :)

Motivation - there are sooooo many things! Me and OH have never been on holiday together so I would LOVE to be slim and confident enough to go away somewhere hot (or even just somewhere with a pool!) and have a fun/happy/family holiday with him and my beautiful daughter. There are LOTS of things I'd like to do with my little girl that I won't do at the moment, but if I list those I will be here all day, lol. My little girl is 2 now and I would LOVE to have another one next year, but I really really want to be slim and confident when I'm pregnant. I loved being pregnant last time (really loved it!) but it was the beginning of a slippery slope for me - I gained weight and stopped going out. Next time I'm pregnant I want to look like a yummy mummy, not a fat frumpy mummy! I want to be happy in myself and love the attention my 'bump' brings (last time it was my lumps and bumps that drew attention, not just my baby bump, haha. My maternity clothes will be a 12/14 next time, not a 16+ ;)


nearly there!! :)
ok i have only recently decided what my motivation will be.......
next feb in college it will be rag week, and during rag week they have the sponsered bungee jump!!! i didnt do it this year as i honestly hadnt the goods and didnt want to be the lump in the air!! so i decided i want to reach goal or be within a stone to it and im going to do the bungee jump.

this would be the start of a new me and to celebrate all ive done and how far ive come!!!


Me on the right! x
Hmmmm.... Candace's motivation.....
To simply be able to get up in the morning and wear anything in my wardrobe without having to see if it fits first!
To sit on a beach or next to the pool and not feel like everyones checking out my spare tyres!
To walk along or sit on a train eating a chocolate bar and not think everyone is thinking.... "ooooh no wonder she's so fat" or "she shouldn't be eating that".

There... that's my top 3 hang-ups that I want to banish with WW! xx

Good thread... really made me think! x


nearly there!! :)
love it i like the fact im the same when it comes to the train one!! you feel guilty for something people do everyday, but bcause ur overweight you feel guilty!!

Taffy Girl

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My current motivation is that I need to get to 12 stone 9lbs/BMI 30 for a medical procedure I need.

But alongside that one of my best mates is getting married in Barbados next May. There'll be a group of about 20+ of us going (including a few skinny minnys!!) and I want to be able to feel comfortable arond the pool / on the beach.

I have set myself some mini goals along the way (see my thread!) and am just focusing on the next one....

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