Whats your treat?

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  1. Hello, Following the healthy living route gets easier the longer it goes on but what do you have for a treat..here is mine
    Coke zero
    Slice of soreen fruit loaf
    Snack a jacks

    Thats it and oubviously i dont have all of these on the same day ;) i enjoy them because they are low fat and low cal , so if i want to snack these always save the day.
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  3. Redkoala

    Redkoala Go on smile! =)

    Yea coke zero for me too i love it. Tastes better than the normal one to me =] My next biggest treat is excersie haha!
  4. scottye87

    scottye87 Getting there....

    It's gotta be Dr Pepper Zero for me.

    Also I love those pink and whites, marshmallow wafer things. 55 calories, 0.1g of fat, but dont go overboard as 7g of sugar in one.
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  5. Icklemissmosh

    Icklemissmosh Full Member

    love dr pepper zero :)

    also like WW rich chocolate dessert (62 cal 1.7g fat) when i really need a chocolate hit, they remind me of the GU puddings i used to buy but are a lot less cal and fat and for when i need a cheese hit the laughing cow extra light cheese triangles (20cal per triangle 0.6 fat)which are on 2 for £1.50 at asda just now.
    i have also taken to eating little cherry tomatoes and chopped spring onion and pretending its salsa :)
  6. scottye87

    scottye87 Getting there....

    I love cherry tomatoes, could sit there and eat the pack of them lol
  7. skyegirl

    skyegirl Full Member

    I love light dairylea traingles ...hmmm yum, and if I want a chocolate hit I have the very occassional options chocolate drink, otherwise its marmite sandwiches on my homemade bread with a scarping of very low fat spread.
  8. Short for my weight

    Short for my weight Full Member

    There are two things I go for when I think I deserve a treat one is a WW mint choc dessert the other is a WW caramel dessert (not both at the same time - but in the old days I would've polished both off - no trouble!!) x
  9. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    Well I eat snack a jacks and muller rice

    My evening treat is a reduced fat chocolate covered biscuit bar type thing from tescos. They're quite small and I always had a biscuit with my cup of tea after dinner so I don't feel I'm missing out. it's also the last thing i eat until breakfast the next morning

    I also like the danone low fat trifles.
  10. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ooh i proper love diet vimto! I admit its usually got a shot of vodka in it but it tastes exactly like a cheeky vimto cocktail! And for a sugar hit i have iced gems! the are in both rules and have 97 cals in them!

    Cant think of any more at the min!

    Also for those who like pink and whites apparently if u microwave them for 30 secs (i think) they go really gooey and yummy! Never tried it but if u like them its worth a try!

    love katie
  11. scottye87

    scottye87 Getting there....

    Oh forgot to mention, I love honey shredded wheat bites lol, straight out of one of them small cereal boxes, no milk, they are really sweet, and gives me similar feelin to eating a bag of sweets (from picking them out of the packet) with a quarter of the calories!
  12. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    im snacking on cheerios at the moment.. i dont know why.. but i love them! lol.. mixed with raisins or dried fruit is great...
    im not having the chocolate cravings (havent all the time ive been dieting) that i thought i would so fingers crossed!!!
  13. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    oooh just thought of another! the ben and jerrys frozen yoghurt range are within the rules too! cherry garcia is amaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzing!
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  14. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    yep could def go the ben and jerries chocolate brownie frozen yoghurt right now!!!!
  15. Icklemissmosh

    Icklemissmosh Full Member

    Seriously! i had no idea i could have some Ben and Jerrys,its the only ice cream i like. i knew they did the frozen yougurt but i thought it would still be over the fat limit and cause side effects.This is on my shopping list then.:D
  16. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    there are sorbets you can get also.. but they are high in cals (and sugar) but nice as a treat!!!
    yes i was estatic when i found out i could still have my chocolate brownie... i just wish they did the cookie dough one!!! i love that one
  17. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    oooooooooh cookie dough is my fav! yeah they are high in cals and sugar but are fab for a treat! :) ive only ever tried cherry and the choc brownie ones but im sure there are more!

  18. babymable

    babymable Full Member

    Where do you guys buy your Ben and Jerry's. I have never seen the yogurt only the ice cream.
  19. Hoping4a2nd

    Hoping4a2nd Full Member

  20. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    id never seen them till my sister showed me! Ive seen them in asda and tescos! they also sell by the scoop at the pics!

    they look just like normal tubs but they have a little sticker on them sayin frozen yoghurt!

  21. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    I discovered the frozen yoghurts in the summer.
    Was so excited about the low fat bit that didn't even check the sugar amounts


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