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Wheat bran İnstead of oat bran?


grammar police
hi sarah. oatbran is completely different stuff and you will need it. the wheatbran is an optional extra - 1 tbsp per day which will help keep everything moving, but the oatbran has a load of health benefits that go along with it. you might be too late for today but pick some up tomorrow. tesco do an own brand version or you can get the mornflake version in asda, sainsburys & waitrose.
i live in istanbul and we cant get it over here...im going to try with the wheat bran as my friend who also lives here has been using it thinking it was oat bran!! is the oat bran purely for fibre purposes?


grammar police
no it's completely different. it's an absolute requirement of the diet - can you order it online anywhere? there is a lot of information in the book but you could also google health benefits of oatbran and see what comes back. there is no substitute for oatbran on dukan i'm afraid
ahhh noooooooooooooooooooo i dont know what i could do then! maybe i will try with the wheat bran until i can get some sent out to me and see how i get on for now..or would you not even bother using it at all and just eat my eggs and chicken etc.?


grammar police
get on google and see if you can find it to buy online to get it delivered. the wheatbran is a good source of fibre, but like i said there's no substitute for oatbran...


Goat herder(ess)
The oatbran helps to fill you up to make you feel fuller for longer, helps with transit and can also help to keep your cholesterol levels in check (very important on a high protein diet).


** Chief WITCH **
I'd hold the wheatbran for now... and start without the oatbran IF you can't wait to get going, but get your order in pronto. Your circumstances are exceptional, so we can't just send you to Tesco as we would in general.
I will go again tonight to find the oat bran but for today i will use the wheat bran IF i cannot find anything...going out especially tonight to investigate =) will let you all know

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