When do you go into Ketosis?


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Firstly thanks for the messages below,I must learn to spell check :):p

Anyway I am now on day 3,last night was a bit hard,I wasn't really hungry but the physical wanting to eat was strong so I had a bath and went to bed at 9pm!!!

This morning I feel fab,my mouth tastes strange,kind of metalic and I am not at all hungry.Can I be in ketosis on day 3 or is it still a bit early?

Thanks alot


PS..I don't think I have meet another sonYa ever :D
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Hi Sonya,

Sunds as though you are in Ketosis. The time it takes to slip into ketosis varies with the amount of carbohydrates previously consumed and physical activity undertaken (exercising uses up glycogen stores - hence the reason I go to the gym to slip into ketosis quickly).

Generally the rule of thumb is 3 days although some can slip into Ketosis quicker.

Well done for:

1. Getting there, as it's the getting there thats the hardest
2. Resisting the urge to eat

Good luck with your journey.


CC xx


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Thanks for your quick reply :)

I am pretty active and have started either swimming or the gym 5 times a week and with 3 children(1 of whom is hyperactive) I certainly don't sit down much LOL.Fingers crossed then,looking forward to Thursday weigh in!

Thanks for your support

Sonya x


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day 2or 3 for me ....x


thats really good. i wish i had the energy to go to the gym and swimming whilst sole sourcing.

i used to go regularly before i started CD but now all i wana do is sleep!



I normally get into ketosis towards the end of day 2, without a preparation week. But I guess everyone is different.
So congrats on getting to ketosis Sonya. It should get easier from now :D