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When do you notice the weight loss?

Hi everyone, just started the lipotrim 3days ago and from reading everyones weight loss it seems like the pounds are just dropping off its crazy.

What i wanted to know is when did u actually begin to notice the weight loss? because half a stone in the first week (even a stone!) is alot to loose, but does it show?
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Tbh I couldn't really tell when even when i had lost 3 stone. Because i wore elasticated trousers so i guess they just wern't stretch as much. And I never looked in the mirror. But thats just me. People atarted to notice after about 2 weeks.

However I done my inches on weigh in day. so i knew they were going down.

The best this was going into a shop and picking up size 22 jeans (i neve wore jeans) my cousin said no way do you need them try these (size 18) and they just slipped on that was about 6 weeks in. 4 weeks later shopping with mum i pick up 18 Jeans mum hand me 16s they slip on.

unfortunately i am now back in elasticated joggers, but not for long. Week 4 weigh in i will try my 18s again. And the 16 are hanging up at the top of the stairs. i will wear them xmas day.

I am now on day 5 had an early weigh in yesterday and lost 9lb. I saw my sister this morning and she said 'Kez have you lost weight again?' So maybe it becomes apparent to others more than us, cos' we see ourselves everyday.

Sorry it turned into a bit of a long winded reply....and probably not really the one you wanted. but thought i would share x
When i done it before, walking back from my first weigh in, my jeans were falling down, and then after the 2 weeks, i got sooo many comments. Its easier for people to notice when they don't see you everyday, cos your changing a tiny bit each day so they don't notice it. But if someone hasn't seen you in 2 weeks or so they will be shocked at the change.
wow im impressed this diet just seems to good to be true :O !! lol. Im finding it really easy as well for some strange reason, i just cant wait to start noticing the difference although im constantly in front of the mirror so i might not notice lol thanks for the replys!! :)
I noticed fairly early. My face started to look slimmer first, then about 2 weeks into it, it started coming off my waist and stomach, love handles etc.
I'm now at 3st loss and can't wait to see the reactions of the mums in the playground on monday as theres a huge difference now.
Down two dress sizes from 18 to a 14 :)
Good luck with your journey!
Emma x
Secretly i noticed after the first few days but in my clothes probably about 2 weeks, then people started noticing about 3-4 weeks. Now people exclaim in shock with comments like 'omg you have lost loads of weight'. I've lost 22lb so far. Good luck with the diet and will see lots of weight loss posts off you soon! x
I think it is different for everyone - I've lost almost 2 stone since July, at a couple pounds a week so at not such a speedy rate as CDers and the like, but no one has said anything to me yet. I keep asking the other half and he says "yes I see a difference" but really I wonder if that's him just being lovely and trying to say the right thing. In my friends and colleagues defence for not noticing; it must be quite hard for them as I always wear baggy and shapeless clothes to hide my figure and as my wardrobe hasn't changed, unless they have x-ray vision - they don't really have a chance!
I feel better and my clothes are getting baggier so that's the main thing though. :D


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I felt it and saw it in week one. My face and neck didnt look so,well fat. And last week i noticed it off my breasts and tummy. This tuesday i bought a new pair of 16tracksuit bottoms and when i fit them on they were perfect, by thursday when i wore them they were a little baggy!! Thats how quickly it works. I certainly couldnt run in them or they'd fall down. Hehe.
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