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When I reach target, I look forward to....


Used to be fatter
Hi All,

The inspiration for this post is a result of attending a wedding last week.....

Let me set the scene - So, I'm getting changed into my purdy Monsoon frock (which was lush, btw) and on goes the fluffy bolero number, the fascinator, the jewellery, and then, the dreaded sparkly sheer tights. Within an hour of wearing said tights, the crotchseam had all split, and I was sporting a lovely hole due to horrendously over-chubby thighs - thankfully, only I was aware of this fashion disaster.

However, stood in the ladies, I thought of minimins and decided to post this thread....

"When I reach target, I look forward to wearing sparkly sheer tights, and my horrible thighs not rubbing together, and ripping them within 60 minutes".

Feel free to contribute with things you're looking forward to doing when you've shed your unwanted poundage!!
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OOh good, a motivational thread :)

Having been at target and desperately trying to get back there, I look forward to getting back into my combats and skinny jeans because they no longer fit me and I feel really uncomfortable in my work trousers at the moment :-(


Loves Norman Reedus
ooh great thread;

i look forward to not setting fire to my knickers when my thighs rub together. To be able to pick things of the rack and think oh my god, i might need a bigger one.
to be able to wear something from Miss Sixty and not be out of range.
When I reach target I look forward to being able to wear some of the 'motivational' MEDIUM sized clothes I bought in anticipation of losing weight, but which are currently collecting dust and moths in my wardrobe, including some very expensive jackets and suits :mad:
I look forward to.....

not being mistaken as pregnant (yes it does happen a lot.... people can be SO RUDE!!)

Being able to go into primark and not always root to the back of the rack for the size 16/18's

To be proud of me and what I have achieved. :cry: x


Just doing it this time
I look forward to that feeling that ONLY slimness feels ............... you know when you put something on and it just fits lovely and you feel real good in it !
...being healthy!!!

not blaming everything on my weight - which is so easily done!!!

and prancing round in my Rigby and Peller matching undies and feeling like a sex bomb!!! :D

...ooh and there is that little event im looking forward to looking utterly awesome at. My Wedding.

*screams at the prospect of being at target.....ever!!!*
:eek::eek::eek: I look forward to being able to wear fitted clothes - that "waist-cinching belt/top/jacket" that Gok Wan is always going on about - so that I can be a happy hourglass curvy woman - not trying to hide the muffin top/back fat/J Lo ass/cellulite....etc.
They say you should play up your strengths, but at the mo, that just seems to reveal another lump or bump:sigh:
So yeah, looking forward to being Jessica Rabbit....


Used to be fatter
Should have also mentioned, I'm looking forward to wearing calf boots, and not having a donut-shaped fat roll around my knee.... who knew knees could be fat?!?! :confused:

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
The shopping trip I am going to go on!!

I'm size 14 now. Which itself is a great achievement I know, but I still feel huge, and look it too. (trust me I do!) So to be able to wear a size or so smaller I will be thrilled! :D
oooh what a great post. im currently a size 16 but slowly creeping up to a size 18 so i joined SW last wednesday for the first time in around 8 years. i'd love to be able to go into any shop and buy a size 12 that fits perfectly instead of looking for size 16's only to find there only 10's and 12's left. i feel sooo uncomfartable at the minute, especially sitting down with my "extra tyre" around my waist. its the first place that the weight goes on and also off so in a few months time i can hopefully sit in peace :)
I'm looking forward to
- being able to buy nice stuff in the sales (when there's only size 8 stuff left)
-buying stuff from Miss Selfridge & Topshop without having to search for the "fat sections" (can do that one now!!)
- being able to buy stuff that will LAST (dropping dress sizes means I can't convince myself to buy anything good as it's only lasting 2-3 months at most)
Oh so many things!!

I am looking forward to wearing a bikini for the first time in my life.

Also being under a size 16 for the first time since I was around 14- I am now 25.

I am looking forward to being able to buy something in any shop.

I am looking forward to feeling worthwhile and like I deserve to stand next to my boyfriend, I know as a person I am, but I feel embarrassed for him.

Gosh I really hope I do it this time... only 5 stone to go :(


Determined to do this
I love this thread :)

I'm looking forward to:
  • being able to wear a bikini and sunbathe without having to cover up my stomach, backside and thighs with a towel :(
  • being able to shop in 'smaller' shops...Jane Norman, Topshop, River Island etc
  • being able to wear normal shoes/boots instead of 'wide fit' ones
  • generally having more confidence about myself
  • looking in the mirror and actually liking the way I look
  • being able to see what I look like being 'slim' as I've always been slightly bigger than normal, even as a kid, so i don't even know if it'll suit me! :confused:
Oh I can't wait to get to target, still about 3 stone to go...get shifting excess weight!!


Silver Member
good thread. i'm looking forward to:

going back to the shop assistant who told me " we dont stock large sizes" and punching her in the face..
...... or and of course feeling healthy and more comfortable in clothes.

going on holiday and being able to wear a bikini or even a tankini without it rolling up !
To be able to try anything on!! and not look at it and think no way will that look nice !
to just feel better about myself..
Lol, where do I start!

I look forward to:

1. Being able to exit my car elegantly without:
a. Getting my butt lodged between the seat and the steering wheel
b. Getting my butt lodged between my car and the unfortunate car I park next to.

2. Having more choice in clothing. For instance:
Places I currently buy my clothes
i. New Look Inspire Range
ii. Evans
iii. Yours.com
iv. ASOS Curve

Places I will be able to buy clothes when I reach a size 12

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

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