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When the going gets tough.....the tough get slimmer

I have been on a life long quest to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately things haven't turned out that way and i've turned into a classic yo yo dieter!:(

Last year I hit an all time high on the scales and as the new year approached i decided enough was enough! I even look at my wedding album (6 months on fri :D)
and am so disappointed I couldn't get it together to make myself fabulous for the day!

Have had a relative amount of success with calorie counting - including going tee total for 4 weeks- i manage to lose 10lbs but after many fabulous trips/nights out and general merriment I knew i needed to get back on track.
I followed Slimming World for 2 weeks and have gained 2lbs so have come to the conclusion it just doesn't work for me!

So back to the drawing board and doing what I know works (and sticking to it this time!). I am going to take it one day at a time and aim for 1200-1400 per day and at least for a couple of weeks STAY AWAY FROM THE BOOZE ;)

here's to a fabulous slimmer healthier future xx
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well day one is nearly over and I must say it went rather well!!
Considering it was a really quiet day at work and I'm terrible for boredom eating I'm still under 1000 cals which means when the munchies hit later i've got enough cals for a snack!:D

b/fast: none (oooops got up late)

mid morning:chicken and veg cup a soup(133cal)

lunch:warburtons square wrap with salad and 50g low fat cheddar,grated and lf salad cream (290cal)

snack: 2xblueberry yoghurt Go Ahead! slices (142cal)
small pkt Quavers (88cal)

dinner:peri Peri chicken breast,small jacket potato,salad and lf salad cream(336cal)

snack:3x mini babybel light (182cal)
jalepeno crisps (159cal)

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The Moog

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Sounds good to me :) The alcohol is a real killer for me as well - it seems to make my metabolism crash completely. I've become a big fan of imaginary gin and slimline tonic in the past couple of months because of that ;)

I still have the odd glass of wine, but no more than a couple a week max.

Sounds like you know what works well for you. Good luck with it all. You've made a great start :)
thanks for the encouragement!!!
it's not just the wine with me (though it does make me retain water like a bugger!) but the huge amount of junk I eat the day after! I'm liking the imaginary gin and tonic idea- saving money as well as calories!! yay! xx
day 2 is going well but day off work so not very active!
did walk into town twice and made sure i kept the pace up and took the longer route so fingers crossed!

food wise another great day, have snacked a little out of boredom but not over allowance so yay!

tues 22/3/11

b/fast:half a tin of baked beans on a slice of wholemeal toast (273cal)

lunch:2 slices wholemeal bread with a little mustard and 8xwafer thin beef slices (279cal)
Wotsits (95cal)

snack: 2x bourbon biscuits (140cal)

dinner: small chicken breast, stir fried with mushrooms and curry sauce (from paste) and 1/4 pack golden savoury rice (439cal)


well under budget again so room for a late night snack if absolutely neccessary!woo1 feeling so positive right now really want it to last as am aiming to lose 7lbs by the week of my b'day which is 2 weeks ish! got lots of fab things planned and wanna feel good:happy036:

keep on trucking ;) xx

edit: had two pieces of prawn toast with my curry (176cal) which takes total to 1402cal so nowt more for me just plenty of coke zero and my book to keep me occupied!
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hi all, how's everyone doing?
have had another good day (i'm getting nervous now-can i keep this up?) Worked this afternoon which fun(!) but went quickly and only ate my allotted snacks so i'm happy enough!:)
Am having a day watching westlife dvds with the bestest tomorrow-don't panic we are going to see them on fri and wanna get in the mood, i'm not a total loser :eek:
Aaaah who am i kidding i love it:p

weds 23/3
b/fast: 1 slice white toast with Clover light (137cal)

lunch:2 slice wholemeal bread with 1 hardboiled egg and tbsp lf salad cream (292cal)

snack: 2x yoghurt/blueberry Go Ahead! slices (142cal)

dinner:3x Quorn sausages with 3x hash browns,3tbsp baked beans and tbsp low fat grated cheddar (501cal)

total: 1167

oooh a lot less than i thought, feel like i've eaten loads-love it!!!
it was delicious and very filling and stodge like for not many cals!! i love Quorn sausages xx
Westlife fest is over and am suitably excited for tomorrow and also starving due to forgetting lunch because having too much of a natter ooooops!

am working tonight so having a main meal now and taking snacks to work with me!! hopefully will work and won't come home at midnight wanting to eat.

thurs 24/3

breakfast: 1 slice white toast with Clover light (137cal)

snack: chicken & veg cup a soup (133cal)

lunch: 3x hash browns with peri peri chicken breast and tbsp lf mayo (410cal)

snack: 2x yoghurt/blueberry Go Ahead! slice (142cal)

dinner: chinese chow mein supernoodles (175cal)
Quavers (88cal)


oooh dear very low must make sure i eat more later but worry that it'll just be junk! just don't want my metabolism to slow down and plateau already!!!?
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Hi all!!

had a packet of sweet chilli crisps and a couple of slices of bread last night at work but still under allowance so not gonna beat myself up about it!!:)

got a busy day today, work at 11 then straight out afterwards to see westlife :)clap:woop!) so will most likely go over limit because eating on the go is always a pain in the butt and I think we're gonna stop at Subway on the way and i'm not great at making the right choices in there!! but on the plus side all that jumping around singing (!) and screaming really takes it out of you!

all i'm going to challenge myself to is stay away from the bar, because tho i haven't weighed yet, i can already feel a difference and don't want to mess it up with water retention or a hangover;)

Good luck with your days today ladies xx
WOW! westlife are awesome :happy036:but then i knew that!!!

Anyway on to more serious matters!! think i did ok yesterday but felt really bloated last night even tho i didn't have any alcohol. Could just be dehydration cos i never drink enough water when i go to concerts cos i don't want to have to leave for a wee!!!

fri 25/3

b/fast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 slice wholemeal bread (275cal)

lunch: pre packed ham sandwich on brown bread (256cal)
pickled onion monster munch (189cal)

dinner: 6" italian BMT sub on wheat bread with cheese (431cal)
2x mini creme eggs (150 ishcal)

total: 1301cal

ooooh not bad really plus lots burnt off at the concert!!! wooop! xx
I love the italian BMT from subway........ yummy!!! Glad you had a good time. x
thanks hun! suppose its a lot easier when your enjoying yourself!! tho the fat man in front of me eating chips did not help! how rude xx
well getting closer to weigh in and i'm feeling optimistic:D

pretty uneventful day really! lazy afternoon on the sofa then work from 5-1am (which was really 2am:sigh:) and the best bit is i've got to be back there at 11 today! FUN!

sat 26/3

b/fast: 1 slice white toast with Clover light (137cal)

lunch: chicken and mushroom Pasta n Sauce (444cal)

dinner: pre packed prawn mayo sandwich on wholemeal (310cal)
275ml bottle of Tropicana (118cal)

total: 1009

wow very low must have forgotten something surely?? and i wasn't even hungry! has my appetite died a little........it's a miracle xx
I always forget what I've eaten, it's also surprising how much can add up with drinks. x
I always forget what I've eaten, it's also surprising how much can add up with drinks. x
Very true, I always try to keep a notebook with me so i can jot it down as i eat but it all went a bit pear shaped :( but i have been fighting a cold which always dampens my apetite slightly so don't think i actually ate as much as usual!!
have been making up for it today tho :eek:

sun 27/3

b/fast: 2 slices white bread with a dry fried egg (295cal)

lunch: lean beef and mustard roll on crusty white (305cal)
roast beef monster munch (196cal)

dinner: 1 premium beefburger with roast potatoes,veg, gravy and 1 yorkshire pud (476cal)


good cal total again but am definately slipping by the wayside with the eating better! far too much bread but am just trying to eat whats available instead of spending uneccessarily.

weigh-in in the morning.......nervous and excited xx