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when weight loss is noticed !!

hi all just dropped my partner off at the pub with his mate and while driving there he keeps staring at me :-

ME - wot are u looking at ?

HIM - u !

ME - again i ask wot he is looking at ?

HIM - u know u have lost weight !

ME - oh can u tell ( smile all over my face )

The End ! LOL
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Brilliant! That is so cool! Well done :D

*I* have noticed my weight loss but so far only one friend has commented that she can see it in my face...

he has noticed from my face and ive only lost 9lb .

but isnt it good !!
lol my friend at work told me today she had noticed I'd 'reduced' interesting way to put it.....


** Chief WITCH **
That's brilliant ladies - keep it up!!!

All I can say is that, moaning to a colleague at how fat I was at the moment, she responded: "have you gained weight?". (That's a result in my book at the moment!!)
i do think that some people are not very diplomatic with the way they say things ...........

so for me being on the fat...slim...back to overweight end tend to be for more diplomatic because u never know what the person/person's are going through in life !!

ive learnt a lot since my son was and ill and since he has passed ,he has made me a different person in my thoughts and wot i might of said before !!

well done ladies !!:D


Gold Member
wow great girls :D yes carb face has gone.
loads of people told me. its fab :D
i havent weighed this least for 3 years :D
im so pleased for EVERYONE !!!

even though i have a slight headache today i feel quite perky and i even went into iceland on my own !! yehhhhhh


** Chief WITCH **
I hate you all cos you're all losing weight!!

(and I ate carbs at lunchtime!) OK it was a deliberate decision cos I didn't want to go into ketosis again, then come out again with planned fruit this weekend, then guests next weekend... I did however have a "low calorie" meal out without bread or salad dressing or dessert. And drank water. All that quite a result for me.
hey jo dont worry ,i was at OH parents at lunch and trying to decide wot to eat was a nightmare if i would have known the job he was doing would of been a long one i would off packed up my lunch because his mum felt awful with me just having a boiled egg and some ham oh dear !!!!!


** Chief WITCH **
I'm pretty happy about my "behaviour" to be honest. Once upon a time I would have bought a cake on the way back, given that my online diet friend would have commented had I ordered dessert! (I won't pretend it didn't cross my mind, but I didn't do it!)

So I'm now not in ketosis, and feeling full still on a plate of salad. GO ME!


Gold Member
Jo was your carb blowout a salad????

Jet well done!!!! so proud of you xxxxx
thanks vicks !!!! although im going into town later our holiday tickets are here yeh and into morrison's jordan my son is having to come and he doesnt know it yet lol poor child !!!:D
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ah jet that is fantastic. bet you are on a high!

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