When will I see the difference?


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On average, how long does it take for the weight loss to take affect on how the body looks like? I can only tell in my face, and even that's ever so slightly...is it cos I've only lost a small amount?

Actually, in comparison to this pic (Taken this summerat my heaviest) even I feel like i've lost some!

Couple of weeks ago.

It's just hard to stay upbeat and positive when progress is so slow.
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I can see a huge difference in your face. Well done. Its best to lose weight slowly and least you'll know your more likely to keep it off. How long it takes to see a difference, I guess it depends on how over weight you are.


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your face definitely looks slimmer. have you been measuring yourself? that's quite a good way of gauging changes in your body shape. That being said, I've lost nearly two stone and gone down a dress size and I don't feel any thinner - sometimes we don't see these things ourselves.


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I know it sometimes seems like an age before you can see a difference, but trust me the change in your face is amazing!


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You can so see the difference in your face so I am guessing that you can also see it in your body

Good advice to take measurements also

Rosie x


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S: 16st4lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st1lb(0.44%)
You guys are so supportive so I guess I just got to keep it up. It's just hard when progress feels slow.

Porgeous, wow, check out your transformation :D


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You will notice the difference soon, your face already looks noticably thinner - keep on track you'll soon see the results.



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i can see the differnce!!!! i have lost 23lbs and only starting to see a real kind of difference now (and thats with going to the gym!) keep your losses up and im sure you will start to see a bigger difference very shortly :) x


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sometimes its just difficult to see it yourself.. i didnt think i looked that much different but I am taking pictures at each stone marker so I can look back and see. Was looking at a pic taken a few days ago against a pic from 4 weeks ago where I was 10lbs heavier.. and i was really horrified at the difference - especially when 4 weeks ago I was loving the picture I had just taken and now I hate it LOL :D

keep up your good work anyway. even if you STS over xmas, thats a big achievement in itself! xx


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Yep, I can see a big difference too in your face. Well done :)

I have lost just over 22lbs now (and just hit my target and I have only just started noticing it myself. I have gone down a dress size which is a big indicator but i think it takes a while for your head to catch up with your body. Take some measurements. I love doing that and i have measured a huge difference in myself and that's when i know it has to be working.

Goodluck. You can do it!


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Theres a huge difference in your face!! I bet we'd see a huge difference in the rest of you too (if that doesnt sound too cheeky lol)

I too can see a massive difference in your face!:)