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When would you start???

Hmmmm.....Im thinking of returning to a VLCD, I lost a lot of CD a couple of years ago, and I have put just under a stone back on, I hate messing around and want it gone, but also I want to be another 7lbs lighter than before. So have 21lbs to lose. Im thinking it would only take me 5 weeks(??)

My dilemma is......Im out on friday with my girls, and then the week after Im camping with my friend and her kids (girls only!) so vino is a necessity..I was thinking of starting on the 20th, but then on the 1st of Sept Im taking the kids to Legoland and London for 4 days, my hubby works away so Id be on my own with the kids, I thought I could have SF, and when we go out for dinner I could have a salad ...............not sure, what ya think??? when should I start?
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Start now! Then those days you are gone eat proteins and no or little carbs.

If loosing weight is important to you then you can weather the storm. That's what we all do, I've just posted in the Exante forum moaning about all the birthdays coming up - but you know losing weight is important to me so I will cope.

Then on the other hand - maybe VLCD isn't for you this time around. Slimming world is a good alternative where you cab easily adapt your eating to fit your lifestyle.

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Thanks. Yeh Ill manage! Ill get my girls night out of the way on Friday, as I will have to drink, but up until then Ill do SF.

Im on WW at the moment, but get really disheartened with 1lb loss or STS, Ill go back to it when I have got this 21lb off. Thanks! x
Of course......as always ;)
Well I came back from camping and have started today. YIPPEEE!
I started on Slim & Save, and have to say the shakes are much nicer (in my opinion!) than CD. I cant join any of the forums though, but may do a diary.
Hurry up Ketosis!!
Lol, thanks, I forgot about that.....Ill email the guy and ask for his link. Thanks hun x


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Someone gave me some CD shakes and I'm with you, the Slim and Save ones are at least on a par with them taste wise (white packets only - the sliver ones are not so nice) and I find they mix up better in the shaker. They are certainly MUCH nicer than the Lipotrim ones - I did that a few years back and lost 5 stone in 4 months. The veg soup is drinkable (although I tend to have a bar at lunchtime rather than a soup and one of the 'meals' in the evening) whereas the LT soup was absolutely awful (well it was 6 years ago when I tried it). I do find I struggle with mixing the soup though - any tips? I tried it in the plastic shaker a couple of days ago at work and the top of the shaker blew off and made a noise like an explosion that made everyone jump :)

Good luck with the diet - your starting weight is 3lbs lower than my goal weight. Lol. Into my 3rd week now and finding it surprisingly easy due to the different choices I get on this diet. Just wish the weight would fall off a bit more quickly.
Hi Borders, I just been in touch with ss and said didnt like the silver mint flavour I had and they replacing with White Sachet Strawberry for me :) they said silver packets are old target slim stock.

With the veg soup i just mix with cold water then put it in the microwave and its perfect ;)


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I can do the cold water / microwave thing at home but unfortunately we don't have a microwave at work so I'll have to either stick to the bars or get better at mixing the lumps up with a fork!


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Yay, and my new ticker showed up! :)


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