When you loose weight - where does it show/how long before you notice?

Pudgy Panda

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For me I started to get comments about my loss around the 1st mark. I noticed before that as my jeans no longer fit me at 8.5lbs loss. People now really compliment me everytime I see them, though now im heading for the 2 stone mark. I still feel the same size I was but know that im not, its obviously psychological.


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Oh and I will add that my face was the first place people really noticed it as I lost a couple of my chins, lol.


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lol 6yr old said to me the other day'mum,you know when you used to be eating naughty chips i looked at you and saw a balloon under your chin moving up and down'and now you go to 'fatty club'the balloon has gone...did you burst it and throw it way??Lol im guessing he meant my big double chin i once had b4 joining slimming world on the 19th november last year...ive lost just under 2st now...the'2nd'chin has disappered and i now have cheekbones!!:) also i never used to be able to see my feet if i looked at them while standing coz my big gut was in the way....i was a size 18-20 then,im now a size 14 and can see my feet now:)xx


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Where I can really feel and see it is around my waist, my neck/under chin area, around my back (my bra not digging in now), the backs of my legs and my arms. The places it seems to be slower are my tummy, my boobs (the areas around them are going down but the cup size isn't:(), and my thighs! Oh well, all in good time, all in good time! I'm just happy to be going in the right direction and looking and feeling so much better already! It's interesting how everyone's different though and it goes from different places on different people!X


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The backs of my hands first. Then my collar bone.

Only I noticed these changes.

My OH has now remarked my face has changed shape. I noticed it a couple of weeks back though. My chins are disappearing and my face is squaring off (although my jowls are sagging!)

Chicky Noops

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I've lost 12.5lbs but I can't feel or see a difference other than feeling generally less bloated. I asked DH honestly and he agreed he couldn't see a difference.

Just yesterday however, my work trousers did feel slightly looser on the waist and I have bought a couple of bits in a 12 so hopefully I'll see something significant soon! I think I just lose bits from everywhere rather than from one place, which means it's less noticeable. Not good when I put on weight as before I know it, I have put on a stone without noticing it in my clothes!


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Chicken noops you will notice a difference really soon and so will other people! I remember one minute noone seemed to be noticing and about a week later (once I'd passed the stone mark) loads of people were suddenly commenting!X


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I notice straight away but I think it might be in my head :)

People have commented that my face looks slimmer since i've lost half a stone but that could also be because i'm happier and so smiling more because i'm doing something about my weight rather than it actually showing.


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Yes chicky noops - I am in the same boat as you - similar start weight etc - I have now lost a stone and it's really only now that I'm noticing anything (just my trousers feeling too big) but I'm hoping it all begins after the one stone mark! Or Club Ten, which is hopefully soon for me and for you too. I reckon when we lose one and a half we will start getting loads of compliments (I hope!)


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I'm nearing the half stone mark and I feel a difference in my jeans, but I really don't think others will notice until I get to the stone mark. Thats my first target anyway! Nobody really knows I'm on SW, because it's nice when someone, unprovoked, notices you've lost weight. Then I know there is really a difference.


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I was so big to start with, I had to lose a couple of stone before I started to get comments.
It took me a long time to see a difference in myself, and I didn't truly see myself as slim until bones started to emerge, lol, collar bones, then cheek bones and finally hip bones. I have been at goal since October, but I still find the sensation of feeling my hip bones bizarre, I often think theres something hard in my pocket annoying me, then realise its my hips!

Its very hard to see it in ourselves, but you will notice wee things, such as thighs not rubbing together, etc as you go along. Its useful to take loads of photos to compare, I find that I still see a fat girl when I look in the mirror, but when I look at photos I see a thin girl.