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Where did you notice it first?

:wavey: I was just wondering where everyone noticed/noticing weight coming off first? And after how long?

My mum insists I've lost it in my face so far but I'm not so sure lol. I really want to lose it on my tummy thats my worst area.

Sorry if there is already a thread for this, still getting to grips with using the forum :)
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Tis a good feeling eh :p

You must be a similar age to me, although this applies to anyone any age, I was just wondering how do you manage going out with friends etc?

I'm in tonight and everyones out...the weekends the hardest :sigh: xx
Bum, tum, waist, boobs and back :)
bum and thighs - shame cos my boobs and belly are my fattest bits!


i love minimins me :)
yip my mates r out every night and its killin me haha i went out and had water but was feelin confident about it, i doubt i cud do it atm



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My boobies :( ahh well....my otherhalf till loves them lol! :) Other people commented on my face within a couple of weeks.


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For me it has come of the quickest from my waist/stomach, boobs :cry: and face.

I saw one of my friends the other day who has not seen me in person since I started the diet and he was totally amazed and could not get over how much my face shape has changed - apparently I look 5 years younger :D which did make me feel a little better about the 2inches I lost off my bust ;)

:wavey: Well done, its so good to hear everyone is doing really well at this diet.

I can't wait till I notice the difference in me tum, its my main aim! That and the tops of my arms. Just want to be able to buy clothes from Debenhams and have the choice of most tops in there!

I had small boobs in the first place I must admit they have now got a bit smaller... whats that all about :cry:

Anyways, I just wanted to say congratulations. Keep strong this weekened! xx
yip my mates r out every night and its killin me haha i went out and had water but was feelin confident about it, i doubt i cud do it atm

Aw Stacey, I'm right there with you :wave_cry:. Hey maybe when we're slim we wont be able to drink as much without getting drunk...meaning: Less lbs to put on and less pounds spent!

Was my friends birthday the other day, its her birthday weekend and I feel really tight as I've pulled out of going and now she isn't either. (shes desperate to start CD and feeling self con, still feel guilty though.) I just don't want to break the cycle now I'm feeling strong :( xx

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First noticed the loss around my tummy, hips & thighs. Lucky the losses have been quite even... I've had to had my wedding ring taken down 2 size's.

My boobs are shrinking too much (hubby loves it though...lol, i don't! :eek: ) if they get any smaller i'll need a dipstick to measure infuture :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

The only way I know I have lost weight is by the fact that my work trousers keep falling down, when I look in the mirror I cant see any difference. I have still got another 2.5 stones to go so maybe when I reach a size 10 I might notice the weight loss, maybe :confused:
I lost from hips and thighs first, which is odd because I have never lost much from there before. Bad news is as soon as I finished CD the weight started to redistribute so now I have thighs like a carthorse again.

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