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Where do you buy your clothes???

I am loving clothes shopping at the mo but am struggling to find a store/brand I like just for everyday wear.

I have a wardroble full to bursting of evening wear, god know's why as we don't get out that much. When we do go out I bet I am well over doing it, lol !!

Anyway - I want to get new everyday things but don't want to spend loads on them as I haven't got it!

I don't want to spend all my time in jeans, t-shirts & cardi's, I want some smart but casual items at a decent cost.

So where's your favourite store/clothes ??
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My favourite clothes shop is Next. My boyf swears I've got shares in the place! I just love it though...


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Just now Primark mostly. But I have to say I love Ebay.


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While I'm losing weight I'm buying lots of clothes in Sainsburys, nice and easy because I mostly shop there anyway. :)
I've found the clothes pretty good quality and they seem to have a permanent sale rail where I have picked up many bargains.
I've picked up a few good t-shirts in Asda too.
Once I get to target I'll be back on the high street though!


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i really like asda for cheap,normal every day clothes!


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Matalan, Next, Monsoon, Marks and Spencers Outlet are the most recent I've bought from.


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I love Primark, especially while I'm on SW; I plan on getting thinner so I don't wanna spend much on clothes I have no intention of staying in!
I've got a lot of clothes from before I gained weight, so I'll be sorted when I reach target, but for now, Primarks £8 jeans are awesome - I have about 12 pairs of their black skinnies! xxx
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I'm a River Island girl but do love the Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer. Every outfit I buy from there gets comments and people are always shocked it is from M&S!
I like Ulla Popken and some things from Ann Harvey. But I never, ever, EVER! pay full price for them.

I usually buy my clothes from eBay and get some terrific bargains there. I also have a look at the sale racks at the back of Ann Harvey whenever I am passing.

I also get clothes at charity shops.

The only place I ever pay full price is M&S for trousers, because they are the only place that does the right leg length for me. Ulla Popken and Ann Harvey trousers are far too long.
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This thread was virtually written for me!!!

I commented to Hubby last night that I am almost out of all clothes - "weekend wear" and work. He said that I should go and buy some then. We dont have a lot of money free at the moment and I was wondering where I could go. I do have a look around Asda, but everyone in my town seems to wearing the same things! Tesco is another good one for clothes. Im also not sure what size I am exactly, so I will have to try on a few good outfits! Not something Hubby is prepared to sit through!
I also get some clothes from charity shops and when Im finished with them, I just give them back to the charity shops.

If buying on line, Bon Prix do some excellent cheap clothes too...just remembered!


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I hate hate hate trying on clothes in fitting rooms, so I tend to get mine from Littlewoods - I order a selection of sizes and styles and try on in the comfort of my own home...! Plus they're really easy to return via the post office and you don't have to pay for them in one go.

I also like Evans at the mo (mainly because I can fit into a 16 there and I'm refusing to buy any more 18s!!) and I've had some lovely smart tops from BHS recently too...


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I have to say ebay too. Most of my wardrobe now is monsoon, M&S and Per Una, all for ridiculous prices. Couldn't afford to dress as I do if it was new!
George at Asda is good for t-shirts.


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I really like River Island but their styles/sizes can be a bit hit and miss but their quality is always amazing.

For price- cheap and cheerful is Sainsbury's and George at Asda, their jeans are near a tenner and get a lot of wear out of them, their sizes are pretty good and you still have quite a bit of choice. i also like they do short sizes.


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Ooh .. this is my favorite topic! I love shopping :p

My fave's for everyday wear have to be H&M, Next, Matalan and primark (or Primarni as my friends and I call it!) Asda and Tesco also have some really nice stuff.

The accessories in Matalan are fab and great value .. ideal for dressing up simple tops and tshirts (I noticed the other day that they are exactly the same range that Boots stock at a higher price!)

Wallis sometimes have some nice stuff and Dorothy Perkins is good too.
I have to say ebay too. Most of my wardrobe now is monsoon, M&S and Per Una, all for ridiculous prices. Couldn't afford to dress as I do if it was new!
. . . .
Exactly! I find that good quality clothes feel so much nicer, and last so much longer, and it is great to be able to afford them (which I would never be able to do if I got them new).

T K Maxx is another good place for reduced-price good quality clothes. They often have American, German and Italian clothes on their Plus Size racks. Great fabrics and something a little different.

Also recently they have had quite a lot of Fenn Wright Manson clothes, which are lovely and the reductions are huge.

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