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Where has the weight gone!?!

Hi guys
Just a question - i have lost over 2 stone through dieting starting out at 12st 9lbs and now at 10st 6lbs.
Im only have just over a stone to go until my goal weight of 9st 4lbs which is midway in the ideal weight range.
Problem is - my body shape has not changed at all!!
My measurements are pretty much still exactly the same - im still wearing size 16 clothes and my gut is still flabby as always! I look a lot bigger than my weight and im not being critical about myself when i say that!
The weight has dropped but you really can not tell!
Have i set my goal weight too heavy? Has anyone else had this problem?
I do understand my ideal weight range is between 8st - 10st 7lbs but i thought 8st would be too drastic - maybe i was wrong?
My sister lost a lot of weight on weight watchers - over 9 stone. She now weighs in around my goal weight and is super slim - (granted she is a few inches taller than me) and is wearing size 10 clothes!
Im confused!? Anyone got any ideas? :cry:
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Are you saying your measurements haven't changed because you're still wearing the same clothes, or have you *actually* measured? One can quite easily still be mooching about in the same clothes under those circumstances. It's what happened to me last time, actually - same clothes, 2 1/2 stone later. They were quite loose, granted; but still quite serviceable.

On some people, a lot of fat is carried internally around the internal organs (visceral fat) rather than that which you may carry on the legs, bum, hips and tum (adipose fat) - perhaps you've lost the former first?

If so, you've done yourself a huge favour, health-wise. If that's mostly gone, then there's be only one type of fat left to burn - and that's the stuff that determines the size of your trousers...

I'm not saying it's the right answer or anything, just idle thoughts when I should be asleep. Keep going, get to goal, give yourself a monster pat on the back, and then decide whether to go lower. If you shift the goalposts now it may still be unnecessary and you'll deny yourself the opportunity to be extremely chuffed with yourself. :)
im exactly the same iv lost two stone and im still in the same clothes i was in when i was at my heaviest i havent moved down a dress size, my clothes dont feel all that looser, im hoping the next stone will see a difference xx
This happens to me too, i've just come to accept it I was a size22 then suddenly I fit into a size 16? There was no inbetween? It's crazy I remember getting a size 16 trousers & thinking 'one day' then being completely stunned when they fit! I bought clothes from the charity shop because it wouldn't matter if they didn't fit, I hadn't lost much money.It's totally bizzare but I think it's down to your shape (I'm a pear) My waist is slim (ish) now but my legs & hips are HUGE still, which messes up clothes sizes as i'm a 12-14 on top & a tight 16 on the bottom half. I wouldnt worry too much ,just keep pushing on.

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