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ya right i would, but i think if so many praise a person whose made a mistake it can have the opposite affect!!!!


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That has made me really angry babyboo!! Firstly how long has the thread been there? can you please give people a little time to respond and secondly you cannot tell people which thread they have to post on!!!


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i have actually semi left this forum simply because i personally felt that seeing people who cheated get told oh its ok dont worry about it actually gave me persmission to cheat and not feel bad

so i 100% agree with what fattothin has said above
Firstly im not tellin any one to respond a certain thread but the speed you lot reply to a weight loss thread is faster than the speed of light but it seems to take a little longer to respond to a ive cheated or a ive fallen off the wagon thread ! just remember we have all been there at some point!
called me old fashioned but I havent??


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I reply quicker to more sexual innuendo-laden threads if truth be told
lol fair one


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No me niether!! We can pick and choose which ever threads we want to reply to, i have been on this site for quite a long time now and have given a lot of support as well as had some fun..i dont need to be told how or when to support people!
The figures speak for them selves smurfette thread views 36 replys 6 my thread views 9 replys 8 !!!!!! and tracy your usually the one with the support either way not the attitude !


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I am the 1 with attitude??!! Anyway there is a lot i could say but i refuse to get into a sillly arguement with you


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She only posted the thread an hour ago so i think you should have given everyone more time to respond. I only logged on 15 mins ago so obviously couldn't have replied straight away. Fair enough, if it was a day later then say summat but i think after an hour is a bit unfair.
No please go ahead i would like to hear or should i say read what you have say .


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NO like i said im not getting into a silly arguement!! You are clearly supportive enough for all of us!!!
All im sayin if she had lost weight the response would have been quicker .


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It is quicker to say well done than to think of what to post to somebody in this case done you think?
well maybe !!!


Eloquent hooligan
S: 14st13lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.66%)
vewwy sowwy


weighs a lot less
you right people do respond quicker when praise is due,its hard to find the words for people who have cheated when everyday you are trying not to xx
But dont ya think it fair to even it out a bit she is havin a really hard day by the sounds of it.
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