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Which is the lowest point spread?

I use Flora light 10g which is roughly 2 tsp and works out at 1 point for me - Flora also do the extra light - but I dont know points value as I don't use it.Hope that helps.



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I use flora ( the purple tub) I think it is the light, not near my fridge at the mo. It is an aquired taste but with marmite on it will be lovely. :D
I think the purple tub is the extra light but not sure! I have the light Flora only as my whole family use it, otherwise i would get the extra light as like you i use it with marmite but i dont like spread so i only have it with marmite.
hiya, i use bertolli light, the blue one, its 35calories & 1gram of saturated fat for 10grms - 2 tsp worth.. is 1 point .. i think, ive found that bertolli is the only low fat spread that has no hydroginated oil in it which is realy bad for you.
Flora extra light is I think half a point for 2 spoonfuls which is loads x
Yeah it is, this is the one i use, usually on offer in asda or tesco :) and it is the purple one :)
I dont think it would work for Marmite sarnies, but I have the WW cheese triangles now [Thank you Elkay for suggesting!] instead of marg and stuff.. I find this especially nice with smoked ham sandwiches... :D Thats 1/2 a point for the cheese stuff, and it's plenty for 2 slices of bread!
I'm a flora extra light fan.....you can actually get 15g of that for 0.5pt, which does 2 slices of bread for a sandwich, but for toast you'd need more like 20-25g, which works out 1pt. I have marmite on my toast too, so can't really even taste the marg I use - Flora Light is a winner for me on WW - couldn't do without it!
Thanks for the tip about Bertolli light and hydrogenated fats. After watching how these low fat spreads are made on TV it has put me right off! Does anyone know where I can find WW cheese triangles?


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if you buy the laughing cow extra light cheese triangles they are 0.5pt per triangle.WW dont make cheese triangles i dont believe
They have them in my local Adsa too, though I prefer the laughing cow extra light ones. Lower calories too!