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Which plan?

Hi I do the total so mo food, going ok though.

Hope you find the working plan suits you and you get some good losses.
am thinking of doing the one where you have a meal so i can cope (have tried CD and not managed at all!). Will i still get good losses?
A friend of mine has done the Working Solution, with one meal a day, and it has worked very well - but it all depends on what you eat in that meal. If you use it as an excuse to eat all the things you're missing, then no (this is what I would most likely do, so I've picked Total Solution); but if you can stick to a healthy, low carb meal, then yes it can still work well (but obviously slower than the complete food replacement). I think it's just finding out what works for you; and you can always mix and match a little, so if you try working solution and want to lose it a bit quicker, then you can move to total solution, and vice versa.

Good luck, whichever track you choose to follow; it will be able to help you get to your desired weight.


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In my opinion, if you're going to do the working plan, you may as well just do SlimFast instead. It's about a third of the price and tastes a bit better. Ignore the moans about the sugar content - Calorie wise, it's the same as Exante and actually has considerably less fat. Combine with with some fruit at lunchtime and a reasonable evening meal and you should lose weight just fine. I know; I've done it.
Maybe it worked for you, but its just not comparable, it really is jam packed with sugar and doesn't have the same balanced nutrition.

I did WS the other week whilst on a course. By choosing plain, high protein foods, with a moderate amount of veg, I had the meal I needed but still stayed in ketosis, which you simply can't do on SF. You could maybe even do a combination of TS and WS, just having a meal on days when you really feel you need it. 10lb a month is great losses!

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