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Whiskey's disappearing act

Weigh-in day today and I've lost 6lb this week :D

Start Weight 212lb on 07/01/10
Jan -6.5lb
Feb -3lb
March - start to get serious and stop faffing around. Start low carb, lowish cal & start to incorporate more activity into my daily routine. Pretty much like
SBD phase 2 but without the pasta, rice & bread and with added calorie counting

week 1 ~ 198.5lb ~ -6lb

Total loss so far

Breakfast - I've been using making SBD breakfast shakes (soy milk, yogurt, tofu & some sort of flavouring blitzed together with a few psyllium husks). Sound awful but they're nice.

Lunch - Mainly chicken or a small amount of cheese or an egg with salad or bean salad.

Dinner - Grilled, steamed or braised fish, meat or veggies with a mixed salad (with small amount of mayo) or plain steamed veg.
I don't do deserts normally anyway, so not about to start now.

Snacks of grilled chicken, salt beef or kabanos all pre-cut up in to 20g portions containers in fridge or babybels if needed. I cut some babybels in 1/4s too because I'm useless at not eating things all in one go. It makes a huge difference to what I snack on if I have to go and fetch each snack as I want it (and makes me get up from my desk and move :D )

I've been drinking 2 - 3 ltrs of water flavoured with a tiny amount of da vinci sugar free, and allowed myself a max of 3 chais daily made with the da vinci sugar-free chai syrup, hot water and a dash of unsweetened soy milk. It's tooth numbingly sweet but satisfies my psychological need to have a hot milky drink at least in the morning and in the evening. I normally hate unsweetened soy in hot drinks with a vengeance, but it tastes fine in this mix.

I've also switched plates to a smaller one and keep a food calorie & carb count, not that I'm anally retentive honestly :rolleyes:

Sounds pretty boring and it probably will be soon, but for the moment it suits me well and I'm making the most of it. It's easy to stick to, I don't have to think about it and it fits in with hubby's meals too because he can just add other stuff to it to suit him.

I'm making a real effort to get more active. My activity levels were non existent at the beginning of the year after a couple of years of ill-health, I'd really lost the habit of just getting off my arse and moving around and it's this 'retraining' that's causing me more problems than the food if anything. I went out for a long walk yesterday and did some housework for 3 hours when we got back, today I'm going to be doing some decorating and plan to be on the go until at least until 6 to give my metabolism a kick.

Missing: Limitless fruit and good quality bread

Looking forward to: Sea Bass for dinner tonight
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Whiskey - that's a great loss! Well done :)

Your food diary sounds lovely. I like those soya shakes and before starting SBD (now I mainly have omelette) I used to always have a shake with almond milk, psyllium husks, banana and flavouring.

I know what you mean about missing good quality bread - just had a lovely soup and BF had some nice bread. Still, we can have it eventually :)

I don't do deserts normally anyway, so not about to start now.

:doh: doh! I do do deserts, I did a week long trek in the Sahara in 2007. I don't do desserts though :D

Yesterday seemed to be 'eat everything in sight day'. I seemed to be picking all day, though when I came to tot it all up it wasn't quite so bad as it first seemed mainly because my snacking was on cottage cheese (I love cc) and chicken. Although I ate an extra 200 cals, I still stayed within my carbs limit.

Did absolutely nothing yesterday, I was so cold I decamped from my office at the top of the house to the nice, warm living room and sat there all day working on the laptop. At 6pm, I put the laptop away, took out my book and read for the rest of the evening before stirring myself to go to bed at 10:30. So I need to redeem myself during the rest of the week and move myself a lot more - in fact, I think I'm going for a quick walk now, before I can change my mind.

mmm, a nice bowl of home made chunky soup with a hunk of sourdough/rye bread is one of my favourite winter meals. It's funny though, I do miss it, but I don't really crave it. I think maybe it's just that bread is so convenient that makes it so 'missable'
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It is freezing at the moment. Am sat in front room on laptop too! 200 cals isn't bad at all and they were good snacks as you say.
Hope you had a nice walk. I'm off to make an omelette soon for lunch, although I also really fancy chicken florentine soup. Am addicted to that!
I lost another 3lb last week :D

Start weight 212lb on 07/01/10
Jan -6.5lb
Feb -3lb
March - start to get serious and stop faffing around. Start low carb, lowish cal & start to incorporate more activity into my daily routine. Pretty much like
SBD phase 2 but without any pasta, rice & bread and with added calorie counting

week 1 ~ 198.5lb ~ -6lb
week 2 ~ 195.5lb ~ -3lb

Total loss so far

I'm still plodding on eating more or less the same meals as before but haven't got cheesed off with it yet and anyway I now have watergirl's delicious recipes in their own thread for when I do get fed up with the grill/salad/steamed veggies thing. Activity and exercise is going really well and I've started to either up the level or add a little each week to compensate for the lowering of my BMR as my weight falls

My first real test comes this weekend because we've got some guests coming to stay, hope I can keep from falling off the wagon.

I'm starting to be able to fit back into a few of my baggier clothes, so I no longer resemble the friendly neighbourhood bag lady, wearing the same few items of clothing all of the time because I absolutely refused to buy yet another size larger.

It's really strange because I feel so successful. I know I've only lost a fraction of what I need to loose (25% as of today) but I'm getting there and my shape is changing daily, meaning I feel so much better about myself than I did at this time last month. But then I catch sight of myself in the bedroom mirror and I'm horrified at how much more there is left to do and how huge I am, it all seems such a long haul job to get back to something that 4 or 5 years ago I took for granted. :cry:

Ahh well I suppose the motto of the story is not to look into the full length mirror until I lose another 30lb at least!
Whiskey, that's fantastic well done! How many cals are you having on a daily basis?
I'm aiming for around 1200 with a 'blow out' day once a week. I'm actually averaging about 1100. Yesterday was another eat everything day and I got up to 1500. Some days I'm on the go and out of the house most of the day, so only manage 800 or so but that's not on purpose.

I think that the loss will slow from this week onwards simply because I'm getting stronger and my activity is starting to incorporate more load bearing stuff that I couldn't do before - lifting, carrying etc. I've also started to do a few mins weights a day too, so my lean mass weight should be going up as my fat weight comes down from now on.

My body fat measurements (I use the YMCA method rather than the scales or callipers because it's consistent and easy) tell me this is exactly what's happening and the rest of my measurements are going down a lot faster than my weight would suggest too.

When I've tried to lose weight before (fairly haphazardly admittedly), I've found it fairly easy, but averaged no more than 1lb a week long term. That's fine, I don't struggle too much to do that and after all it's 52lb a year! So this time around with a bit more discipline I'm hoping to average 2lbs/wk, that's really good for me and that's my target this time around.
Still plodding along. Still watching the calories, still keeping the food simple with either scrambled eggs on toast (1 slice burgen or rye & multigrain) or tofu/soy shakes for breakfast, some kind of protein with salad for lunch and similar with salad or steamed veggies for dinner. And still not feeling too hard done-by - I even had a bar of 85% choc over easter!

Snacking on grilled chicken chunks, 20gm chunks of cheese or chirzo. I also snack on cottage cheese; the ordinary kind, not low fat because I need it to fill me up and as far as I can see 'low fat' versions of most food tend to be packed with high gi carbs so diet-wise are likely to make me eat even more after a while .

Keeping up my activity levels too and it's paying off because my body fat is dropping quicker than my weight would suggest. My measurements and dress size are starting to make me smile and the old size 10/12s are getting closer by the week :) OK they're still a long way off, but it took years to put on, so taking it all off in anything less than a year is brilliant.

Start Weight 212lb on 07/01/10
Jan -6.5lb
Feb -3lb
March - start to get serious and stop faffing around. Start low carb, lowish cal & start to incorporate more activity into my daily routine. Pretty much like
SBD phase 2 but without any pasta, rice or potatoes and with added low cal. Started to allow myself 1 slice low gi bread per day but only at breakfast

week 1 ~ -6lb
week 2 ~ -3lb
week 3 ~ -2lb
week 4 ~ +2.5lb (pig out and far too much alcohol with house guests)
week 5 ~ -1lb
week 6 ~ -3.5lb

Total loss so far
22lb :):):)
Hey Whiskey - you're doing great hun. Love chocolate that dark - my favourite.

Sounds like your exercise and healthy eating is paying off. Know what you mean about low fat version - they're often filled with all sorts of bad things. I veer towards ricotta anyway, which isn't so bad and then parmesan, as you don't need so much for flavour. Looking forward to being back on South Beach. My Cambridge counsellor is big on low G.I and has been giving me tips for when I start it again.

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