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Who has been SS'ing the longest here?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Any records? Who has been doing it so long and hasn't cheated?

So far - I have been going for 14 days with no cheats and before I've never managed longer than 2.5 weeks I think before caving so its gonna be a record for me!

I know there are others out there who have done really long time on SS!

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i done a hole 3 weeks without cheating? this time was 2 weeks with no cheating, then i added a m eal on saturday and sunday and i am doing 790 now :) prob back to ss next week if i not lost again


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Ok then maybe I should rephrase to who has gone the longest without having anything they shouldnt!

Amethyst ur doing well - what is ur name hun? x


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I've just started my 7th week with no cheating. I'm having a planned day off for my DD's first birthday on 12th June though. I'm sure there are plenty more that have gone alot longer than me though.


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I've been doing it 21 days totally ss and i'm doing great not even thinking about food now (hope this feeling lasts!!!)


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Wow Liz that must be amazing to feel that you've gone 7 weeks without cheating well done! I would love to see what weight I would be at after 7 weeks - amazing. Well done and enjoy your day off! x


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I did 30 weeks on SS with no cheating, just my AAM every 5 weeks as it was when i started :)
I lost 7 stones on cd a couple of years ago. Did it straight through to goal not cheating once, no extras, no add a meal, no diet drinks or anything. Just two choc tetras and a bar a day:eek: Took about 5/6 months. Here to do the same again. If I put the weight back on after that, shoot me!:D


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starting 19th week no cheats
not a record holder, admiring the stamina of some of the posters before me :) well done, I will have finished 7 weeks tomorrow - no cheats


has started again!!
Did LL last year from Feb to November before I crumbled. Got back on wagon till Xmas and the rest is history...... thats why I am here now!!!


now got pictures in album
10 weeks without cheating :D


now got pictures in album
wow sasha that's brilliant!!!
4 months and no cheating first time round!

This time, hmmm, 7 days :D


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20 weeks without cheating, 11 LL and 9 CD. I did strictly SSing, no AAM. Whew glad that's over lol!


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Ha! Well done everyone!!!!
I managed 5 days so hats off to you all! xx


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I've done it for 4 weeks & 2 days without cheating. So proud of myself.

In another 4 weeks I'm going away so it won't be more than 8 weeks lol!

Really impressed with everyone!
Week 18 and no cheats! So happy with the results makes me more determined not to cheat!! And I just want to get to get to my goal as soon as i can and I know that if I cheat it will take me longer!!

Kj xxx