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Who has bought their Xmas/Newyear outfit ?


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I have mine, but of course it does not fit ! would be silly to buy it to fit wouldnt it?
Have to remain positve that it will fit by Xmas and I will look stunning in it.
So do you buy clothes that fit or ones that you hope to fit into?
How many outfits do you have in your wardrobe with the tags still on because you are going to get into them sometime soon?
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I'm not buying any more clothes until I'm down to target! I have a whole shop worth of clothes from 12 - 20 so I'll find something to fit at every stage of my journey :D (And yes I still have some 12/14's that still have the labels on from the last time I did SW and got close!)
Not yet, got to get a ballgown yet for next month but trying to wait until just before in case. Then I'll look for outfits for the other functions I have.


I am one of the 63336
I've nowhere to go so nothing to buy for BUT I've also got clothes in all sizes so no shopping for me for a while (though going to do what I started last time I was a member and stick £1 in a jar for every lb lost so next year ............. )


Vegetarian who lives2eat
WOW Fern you will look stunning in that dress, everyone will look at you and for all the right reasons. I feel a Chris De Burgh moment coming on !!!!


SlinkySlimmer !!!
fern i dont think that dress is too dressy it looks fab, and i think that you will look smashing in it !!!!

Yes i have bought my xmas tops, they in a size 18, mainly even if i lose a stone by xmas i dont think i will be that much smaller especially round my hips, which are a size 22 so the tops need to go over them,and they are designed to be baggy tops, but if they are too baggy i can always put a belt round the middle :)

I got them from asda the first one in teal
Sequin Boob Tube | Tops | ASDA direct

and the secnd in black
Sequin Boob Tube | Tops | ASDA direct

I think that they will mix and match with pretty much any of the bottoms i have, for the relevant different parties i have to go to, they are pretty fun and i feel good in them, also they are only a tenner so it doesnt matter if they dont last so long after xmas :)

lizzie xxx
I havent bought anything yet, i have something in mind but havent found anything close yet.
Fern that dress is gorgeous, who cares if its too dressy id be doing the ironing in it.[/QUOTE]

LMFAO. this made me giggle (mainly because it was a selling point when pitching it to the Oh LOL)

i'l be wearing it to the work do, my family xmas girlie meal, my birthday and my valentines meal.

:D LOL cant think any further ahead than that,

Oh was abit aprehensive as we'v spent loads of money on various dresses for weddings etc, and now i cannot dit in any of them. I had to assure him that i would NEVER be to small to wear a coast dress LOL

- AND check this out. Its a size 12 (lets face it, although im a size 10, coast clothes are for sticks with no boobs) .. and concidering i still have 34 E's cup boobs. im darn impressed with myself!
wow what a fab dress.ive currently bought a new top for christmas its just fits but im hoping by chrismas ill lose another 8lbs so will fit perfect im waiiting to buy trousers though till a week before :)


Minimins is the best!
its my birthday on wednesday (yay!) and ive organised joint drinks with my friend whos birthday is on saturday.
I have got this dress....
Shinning Paillette Club Little Black Dress 00008 Sz 16 on eBay (end time 19-Nov-09 18:03:32 GMT)
and i love it!!! its a 16 which im really happy with cause this time last year i wouldnt have DREAMED of choosing that size!! lol
well it would no way have fitted!
Plus i wouldnt have worn a DRESS! it ould have been leggings and a top or jeans and TRY to dress it up!
I got these shoes tonight,
Black sequin peep-toe shoes - High heels - Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
a lace shrug and tights and i cant wait to wear it all! lol
PS fern - that dress is banging!! hope u have got some killer heels to wear with it and some good bling!!
and i love the tops from asda - had my eye on them too!! x
Hi all

Fern your dress is lovely I have 2 new dresses myself both in a tiny size that I thaught I never would be again.
lol - loving the image of Fern doing the ironing in her gorgeous dress.
And loving the fact that all you lovely ladies are getting excited about getting dressed up over Xmas and New Year and not stressed about it!


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